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Competent but can be bad tempered

Teaches well and corrects my mistakes but he can be bad tempered sometimes.
- Anonymous

Not recommended

Pros: on time for lessons Cons: Bad temper, no patience, no understanding, demoralising words etc
- Anonymous

A lot of "wei qu"

Very impatient, keeps whining yet never corrects me. Also never teach me how to do safety checks like blind spots. Must ask then he will explain casually. Never enforces safety one, will tell me to chiong just to rush somewhere, and sorry not ask hor, its shout. His English CMI also. tell me to steer left, when he meant to steer right, in the end kenna harsh scolding from him. He also charges more ($42) and makes you pay for next lesson every session and to pay before the lesson starts. I am just going to endure until the tp. If fail, switch to school liao.
- Urameshi84

Not too bad

Sometimes will be "pek chek" and nag. Also will give wrong commands and never submit but I think cos he's old. Good thing is he never raise his voice at me though. He is rather thorough, corrects my bad habits and mistakes which I got from my previous PDI. Easy to book lesson with him. Can even book 3 lessons in advance within the following week.
- augustin0001


Just failed my TP test. The way this guy teaches is unacceptable. Before my TP test, I asked him if there was anything I cud improve on, he tell me to ask the tester. wtf? In the end I missed out on my blindspots. If you treasure your money, time and bloody pressure, avoid this guy.
- love4eternity

Strongly dont recommend

First impression: first uncle that seems nice. But during the first lesson, he already made me damn demoralised and I was thinking of changing instructors. But I thought again, maybe it was just me cos I made mistakes. So I continued. It was a bad decision. Most of the time, I had to rely on my own instincts, cos his instructions were really unclear. I then went online to Google and found all the negative reviews about him :/ But no choice, I already booked TP under his name. To summarise, my exp from him so far: Impatient. Lack of clarity. Bad temper. Demoralising words. Doesn't do what he say. Rude. Selfish. Doesn't understand from our point of view. Irresponsible. Many more
- Huiying

Preferably not

Teaching - so so. Unclear with instructions. Extremely demoralizing. Do not wants to explain twice (or more) or you'll get some scolding like you're the stupidest person in the world. I thought since start already so suck thumb, but pls. Don't make the same mistake as I did lol he scolded me one entire lesson until I went home and cry.
- Anonymous

Intolerant bahbiour

Failed twice under him and decided to enrol into BBDC. Bad tempered, impatient and if he is pissed at you he stops correcting you during lesson altho you made a mistake.
- A

Not recommended

Extremely bad tempered and uncivilized guy. Has zero patience and can scold you the entire lesson. He scolds you the moment you asked him a question twice. Strongly do not recommend learning with him.
- Past student

damn bad don't take his classes

Took lessons with him. He is very annoying because he always screams. He doesn't repeat himself. If you ask him another time, he won't repeat himself and scolds you for not Listening well. He is definitely not patient. I failed my TP twice under him and decided to just change instructor. He says I'm good enough for a test but I think he just wants to get more money because you need to pay him for renting the car. He likes to suck one's money. Over all, he is the last person you should learn driving from him. He is damn gl too..
- Girl

no patience but teaches fairly ok

Doesn't like to repeat what he say even though we are unclear at times. He can be bad at explaining the first time and blames us for not listening well. Can teach decently and does not waste too much time like going to drink kopi or what not, he is always on time for lessons but will end lessons on the dot. Easy to book lessons with him due to flexible schedule. However he does not teach me how to check blind spot even though i am driving on the road already until like 10+ lessons but I did check without him teaching.
- Jay

rude and impatient

it was the worst experience ever. tried to scam my money when i cancelled on him cuz i was sick and unable to attend 2 consecutive lessons and claimed that i didnt give him 48 hours notice when i did. he's extremely bad tempered and always scolds you when you make a small mistake. doesnt even give chance considering you are still a new learner and wont hesitate to insult you. dont waste your money on this instructor.
- ll

I've never felt this stupid

Similarly to the other reviewers, uncle seems nice at first. But when lesson commences, he gets agitated fairly easily and will have the tendency to insult you under his breath. Only my 2nd time learning, and he's already called me useless , stubborn, jialat and many more to quote. Didn't even take into consideration that we are new learners and expect every new driver to be able to drive flawlessly on the road despite us being new to the road. Wasted much money i'd rather wipe my cat's butt with it rather than to spend another cent on this 1.5hr concentration camp.
- anonymous


Waited till I passed my TP to write this review. Don't take lessons from him. On my very first lesson he scolded, shouted and yelled at me so many times. FIRST lesson. Second lesson he demanded I go up to gear 4 and do u turn perfectly already. I got scolded and yelled at so many times I didn't dare to drive on the roads. He is damn reckless. Approaching zebra crossing or pedestrian crossing he will tell u to hurry up or FASTER GO FASTER GO and raise his voice. Damn unsafe and horrible. Had to change Instructors after 2 months because I always cried after his lessons. Spare urself the grief and anxiety and find another instructor
- K

Good luck

Just finished my fifth lesson. It’s like learning a new game on hard mode but if you can do it kudos to you
- Y


I have changed instructor to Mr Law. I.e he's my 2nd instructor. The first one was a Malaysian and I couldn't understand him at all. Like all the other reviews abv, he is really one eccentric guy. He teaches fairly OK but can be impatient at times. My advice will be to engage him only if you already have the basic foundation of driving if not just forget it. Some advice if u decide to engage him :I also realised this only a few days before my tp. Do pacify (sai nai) to him. Eg: if you sense that he's pissed and doesn't want correcting you. Say something like, "Mr Law, don't like that la, teach me leh.." He will usually cooldown and then teach you Ps: I have passed tp on my first try under him. 2 tries in total.
- Male student

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