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Good and fast instruction.
- Anonymous

Helps you get license quick and cheap

Here are his fees: Registration: $50 (pretty standard i guess) Lesson: $30/hr (non peak) and $32/hr (peak) Circuit usage: $23/hr (at SSDC circuit) PROS: - He's very friendly and will joke with you sometimes - His instructions were very clear and straight to the point. Essentially, he will teach you how to pass(like saying doing this action will give you how many demerit points etc) - He does not cheat your time (if he's late, he will usually sms you and extend the lesson) - His schedule is very flexible and you can actually choose what timing and date you want for your next lesson. - His pick up/drop off point is beside Admiralty MRT station. Quite convenient for those taking MRT. CONS: - He will doze off sometimes (that's if he feels that your driving is of a certain standard already. Initially when I started learning from him, he was awake throughout my lesson.) - He will take toilet break occasionally (Not everytime, if you happen to pass by SSDC, he might just go for a quick leak) - Sometimes, he will complain of your driving skills ( I guess that's part and parcel of the learning process?) I took a total of 24 lessons with him. All of his lessons are 1 hour, so if you want to learn more, you can make a special request to him to book a 2 hour lesson slot. Personally, I felt that 1 hour per lesson is more than enough for learning, unless you are going for circuit lesson. I also like to comment about his circuit lesson, because he made me mastered all the skills i need for circuit in only 5 lessons ( 1 hour each). His instructions on parking is really good and quick, so you definitely won't have to be afraid of hitting the kerb or what.
- 93aarontan

Don't learn from him

Fat balding old man, teaching wtih silver honda city at bukit gombak. Please don't learn from him... His pattern is to come late and end early. Eat your time by going toilet, don't teach properly then still want to raise charges. farker manz..
- zaine10


Worst driving instructor ever. Always mixed up appointments and made me travel for nothing. If there is a no star i wint even give him 1 star. Agree with zaine10.
- Chan

Note recommended

He's fees are cheap but every lesson is not a fruitful one. Quite an impatient instructor. Verbally abusive, he will also hit your knee and hands if the turnings or stepping on clutch is improper. He always mixed up schedule with other students. Sometimes he sleeps while you drive. Had done 20 lessons and I am still not prepared for TP. And I only get to go circuit once. Sad.
- ad


Very irresponsible man!! 1) always late and ends punctually. Take note that he is late min 15 mins. 2) hard to book with this lazy man even when he has slots. 3) cancel lessons last minute **4) tells you to book TP test and end of day leave you without an instructor to complete 5) sleeps during lessons!!! Overall very lazy and irresponsible!! Doesn't deserve to be an instructor! One of the black sheep in the market!!
- Hubert

WORST Instructor

1)Always late and leave early 2)Very Impatient 3)Bad smell in the car 4)He will hit you when you make mistake 5)Doing his own things and not paying attention to you. 6)By saying single sentence, he expect you to learn 100% DO NOT TAKE LESSON FROM HIM!!
- Suiwong

Ghost instructor

swen Hin on the first lesson and by the second lesson he was gone along with my $40fees and $80 admission fee. He don't even deserve to be rated!
- Js

Slow n steady

Mr Lai is my second instructor. He is patient , humorous and willing to teach you. He will give you tips along the lessons. He will make sure u learn well before proceeding to the next stage.He will not give up on you unless you give up. Be determined.
- Kuenolove

Don’t ever learn from him

Bad experience under him. Always late for lesson and always end early. When u message him, he won’t reply you. So if u want to learn from him, learn continuously or good luck trying to book a lesson after a long break lol. Very impatient, will hit u when u make a mistake. Worst is parking, he expects you to learn everything from his one sentence, which was not even clear at all. If u make mistakes, he will give u stupid reasons like “ monday blues” or “ don’t come after work”. All in all, if u don’t want to waste ur hard earnt money, do not register with him.
- UgandanKnuckles

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