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DO NOT ever engage this person. He was late for lesson and doesn't even have the courtesy to inform me. He refuses to answer the call the first time, told me off for rushing him when I called him the second time. After that, he still told me off. When I said this will be the final lesson, he drove me out of the car. Extremely rude instructor.
- Simple


After 4 lessons, he gave up on me and told me to take auto
- Bad

Bad, unfriendly

After 3 lessons he ask me to change to auto,he say i will never be able to pass manual. Very bad teaching method, worst instructor
- Kenneth Toh

Degrading old man

He doesn't teach much but makes you feel like shit when he scolds u

Fierce but good

He can be pretty naggy and fierce but his teaching is good and instructions were clear. Honestly didn't expect much from private instructors but he's good and I passed on 1st try. Recommended if you can take a scolding and not crack under pressure.
- 1sttrypass


very Unprofessional , during morning classes he would ask me to stop him at a coffee shop to buy his breakfast however time wasn’t replace , many times he was late as well . He’s also a very inpatient instructor when I told him that I was a slow learner he instead told me that I wasn’t concentrating . Wouldn’t recommend him as he’s the worst driving instructor . The reason he has high passing rates is cause he pick and choose students those who he think are easy to teach he’ll continue teaching for those who are a bit slower he’ll ask you to change instructor. To sum up inpatient , rude and unprofessional
- L

Thought he was alright

Wanted to engage another instructor initially but his schedules were all packed so I engaged Mr Khoo instead. Completely forgotten about all the bad reviews about him here after researching for a good instructor, but I went on my 1st lesson today without much expectations from him. Honestly I think he was quite okay, he was quite patient and I was able to follow through his lesson throughout without much problems, although I wish he could be clearer with his instructions sometimes. Be mentally prepared to take important notes and remember them when driving however, because I felt he has an expectation from you somehow. A lot of bad reviews here also mentioned how these instructors (see the reviews of other drivers) don't pick up calls or reply to their messages. Yes, they don't, but think back again, if they don't pick up your calls, maybe that's because they are in the midst of another lesson? And if they don't reply to your texts, how about considering their age whereby replying to texts is not something they are familiar with or have the habit of doing so? From my experience with Mr Khoo, I've sent a whatsapp image of my PDL to him and he didn't reply. Previously on the phone, when I mentioned I will whatsapp him the photo, he hesitated quite a bit. I took the initiative to print and gave it to him instead. I believe these instructors have the responsibility to pick you up for lessons so even if they don't pick up your calls or reply to your texts, they should at least show up for you. (Same goes for Mr Khoo) This is just based on the 1st lesson with him so far. Overall, I feel that you should read a bit on your FTT book to get some knowledge before starting your lessons with Mr Khoo. This really helped me to learn faster and better (I am a slow learner btw). As mentioned he has quite an expectation, when he told me that I will be driving along the main road after barely getting the basics right, I almost vomited my heart out (kid you not), so yea, take the initiative to read your FTT book first.
- Rae


you can try.
- me


DO NOT ever engage this person. He was late for every lesson and doesn't even have the courtesy to inform me make you wait 15 - 30 mins for every lesson and time was not replaced. Gave Unclear instructions and scold you for not following his instructor. Will scold you for the slightest mistake you did. Very Inpatient instructor and says you are not concentrating very time. Booked my TP test with him and he suddenly ask me to change instructor, say that i will never pass and will make his passing rate go lower. Cheat your money for 16 lessons and ask you find another instructor. Reason why he has such a high passing rate is that he picks student to teach will force you to go to auto if you are not that good in manual.


Sleeping on every lesson
- X

Dont believe at what you see

Just because he has one of the highest passing rate does not mean he is good. At least for slow learners. Called him once and he told me to meet at the carpark. When i reached the carpark and called him, he told me to wait at the shuttle bus area.Plus he expects you to be genius and know everything in first lesson. What is the point of learning if i know how to do everything in the first day?
- lies

why is he still allowed to teach?

BBDC should look into his conduct and behaviour when teaching students. He is just wasting peoples' time and money by saying he doesnt want to teach them after a few lessons just because they are slow.He is very impatient and loves to scold alot for no reason. Instructors like him are the reason why people hate learning how to drive or even fear for the next driving lesson.
- g

Not recommended

Not clear with instructions and constantly nonstop nagging. Didn’t explain the basics and Super impatient. His passing rates is due to picking his students. Those who’re slowler in learning just forget it. He stopped teaching me after 3rd lesson.
- Disappointed

Not for everyone

He has super high expectations of his learners. You are expected to listen, understand, and immediately apply what he said, even if it is a passing remark. In Chinese too. As a slow learner, I was chided with his standard combination of insults, such as "unsafe driver", "others become better the more they learn...", "bound to get into accidents", "change to auto", "find another instructor"... Honestly, it was pretty discouraging at times. He does however teach for the test, meaning the standard he enforces helps you "wayang" through the test, if you will. His old-school Chinese style of education is not too encouraging of mistakes, and mistakes are how we learn. Fortunately, I was able to pass because I reflected on my mistakes alone. Also the motivation to save money and avoid more lessons helped greatly. If you are naturally talented or have a thicker skin, you may do well for him. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
- Passed on first try

Cannot tahan

Hi people, i just had a fight with him this morning while i was driving and i quit immediately. Honestly saying, i am someone who doesn't get piss of easily. However, during the 3rd lesson he make me really piss off . I understand that he is very naggy because he want us to learn from mistakes,but then the things that he say is quite hurting and makes me feel like shit. The first few lesson i respected him and i greet him every time i see him,it was until the third lesson he start to piss me off and i stop greeting him on the forth lesson . One of the thing which i cannot tahan is that he kept on saying " U never even put in effort" to me, but the problem is HE DID NOT EVEN GIVE PROPER INSTRUCTIONS. He tend to compare me with his other students,example like he knows that I born in January and he would say " eh why i teach u so many times and you still cannot ah? i got student same age as you and he born in April who is younger than you can drive so well already". If he say that just a few times i still can take it and close one eye( since he already old) But then he would repeat so many times and he even can compare me with those aunties driver. He always say " Wa you are the worst driver i ever seen, i have never taught someone like you,i see you drive so dangerous ah i very scared". Which is why every lesson i am so nervous and so stress,every time after his lesson i feel that my mood for the day really gone down. I did not improve much after 7 lesson with him. and also I did't know how am i a dangerous driver, i follow the traffic rules and all but he expect me to be very perfect. I remember during the 3rd lesson , he already told me to go learn auto. I was like...??? only 3rd lesson bruh and u expect me to me so gd??? I feel that my self confidence drop so much. I believe a lot people who wants to learn driving would expect driving lesson to be fun and exciting. But then i feel that i am so nervous and tensed every time. So ya people, can try your luck ah. I feel bad saying all these about him , but i just want to tell you guys to be prepared if you all want to choose him. All in all i would say he is impatient. If ur wanna know more can just email me ( Thank you:) Now i just pray hard that i can find a better instructor.
- CT

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

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