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Irresponsible Instructor

Hi, Me and my husband was learning driving from KANG PHEE SAN aka Sunny. He really talks alot while driving and whatever he talk is not relevan to the lesson. He always utter rubbish and some flirty old man talks. It very irritating as when he gets taken away talking rubbish and suddenly if we end up confused while driving, he uses words like chia laat, like tat confirm fail, aiyop so hopeless, or you just go find another instructor. He started his nonsence from my 6th lesson with him. I was just keeping calm continuing as i do not wish to stop halfway. But he wsy too anoying. The last was he fix a timing on the 7th April at 7pm and told that he will advise the place to me. on the 7th, I kep msging him asking where is the lesson and whether is it cancelled, and there was no reply from him. Usually he replies very fast. I did mention to him if it is too late, i won't be able to make it and yet theres no reply. After than i called him and he admitted that he overlooked the venue and ask me to see him at 8.30pm, and i told him so late i can't make it. And there he goes shouting, saying wah like that very chia laat la, u go find another instructor. I want my students to follow instructions and be there whenever i call them, and when i ask him but you did not confirm venue with me, he stopped me by saying dun argue pls! I got angry that i told him off and i hung up. Me and my husband was fine with so much of money being wasted on him as we do not wish to waste further. This man is totally full of crap and most of my friends has taken lesson with him and do agree that this guy is some sort of (Chee Ko Pek ) and talks alot of rubbish while driving. Imagine, he spend one hour on taching me parking (talking alot) where i really wanna do hands on. He talks alot of things which will sound gross as well. It very very annoying. I hope he learns a lesson soon as his service is very bad.
- Havefaith

Best Driving Instructor

Well, I have to say that Mr Sunny is the best driving instructor. He is so patient, fun, helpful. He goes extra mile to teach his students and make sure the student benefits from the driving lesson. I've always seen instructors just standing around and asking their students to do things all by themselves when and when they do it wrongly the instructors use vulgarities to scold. But Mr Sunny is so patient and jokes with his students so that they are less nervous. I enjoy his lessons. And I think the above negative comment is very biased. He is not a Chee ko pek!! It's really bullshit. He is the most respectful guy. He'll apologize if he has to teach you and he needs to teach you the steering wheels while you're trying to handle it wrong. He is a very nice and respectful gentleman and it's so sad that his student above just have to spoil his name unnecessarily. So many of the people I know are satisfied with Mr Sunny's teaching then why only you have negative comment ? So I guess you were a problematic learner. Learning driving is not as easy as ABC, you have to learn slowly and move forward only if you can do the basic turns. So if you end up doing parking for one whole lesson, it's not his fault. It's bcos you did not get it right the whole time so he needs you to practice. In all Mr Sunny is the best instructor and I'm so lucky to be his student. I'll definitely recommend all my friends to him. Thank you Mr Sunny for constantly motivating me and being patient with me.
- Satisfied learner

My opinion is my experience not yours

Hey whoever satisfied learner.. How much he gave you to put up this drama or you should def be one of his relations or friends and it is too obvious. Who told you that only I had negative comment and who the HECK ARE YOU to talk about my feedback about him? Its my own experience. Firstly he is not my enemy for me to put up such statement. I wrote in my personal experience and you have no right to intervene in it. I have enough evidence to show what he talk, text and did, and not talking without a base here. I do not wish to comment on your opinion as you it is solely yours and i respect that, but do not based on YOUR ONLY personal experience to judge on others. How I drive? you know? than why such statement as if you know me? Well you have your side of people praising him, I have mine. Thats about it. Whether he is a chee ko peh or what, I think MANY knows about him. You wanna compliment him, of cas you have all right to as it is your perception, don't go around interfering with other people's PERSONAL experience, you were not there and you know nuts. Who talks about basic turns here? An irrelevant statement? or he told u to share? What do I get by spoiling his name? simply nothing.. This is a forum for individual opinions. Get it right.
- Havefaith


Hi, I took lessons from Sunny few years ago. He is an experience instructor, but I do agree that he does talks unnecessarily and waste a bit of the timing. He gets agitated pretty easily and he does use some bad words in between. As a male, I do find his talking a little cheeky which could result in being disrespectful. He has overlooked my schedule twice during my learning and did apologize. He is friendly. Maybe he has his mood swings. But I guess it is a bit rude of the person to comment on another individual's opinion of him as it is based on their own personal experience. We should learn to respect others view. Brannon
- Michael

Great instructor !

He has been so patient and kind. Always eager to teach his students. Goes all out to make sure his student understands what is to be learnt. A fatherly figure! Always enjoyed learning from him. My friends had racism issues with their instructors. But Sunny treats everyone equally. He is a very easy going man. Thank you Sunny for being a constant motivation even though I'm a bit slow learner.
- YourStudent

Maturing and supportive

Mr sunny was introduced to me by my mother's co teacher. Her Niece had passed her driving on her first try. I switched from the school to a private instructor. I was very unsure at first but mr sunny was very respectful and patient. On the first lesson he stated his method of teaching and told me that he cracks jokes every now and then and asked if I was alright with it. He mentioned not wanting to be a very ridgid learning journey. I agreed to that and had no issue. I felt that he putting himself out there in the very beginning was a great thing to do. I would just like to add on to this and say if you didn't like how he ran his sessions, maybe before one decids to carry on with him, one could have not instead of complaining like a spoilt brat. He took some time to teach me parking as well and was the same for lane changes and u turns. I am a fast learner so maybe I picked up quicker then others who may have been pretty slow at learning and finding themselves in a hard spot and hence, blaming the teacher instead of continuously practicing by themselves. Mr sunny started on time most of the time and when he couldn't he usually informed me at least half and hour before the session. I should also add on and say that he accepts his mistakes and never tries to push them over. All said and done, I would like to say I passed my driving with on the first try and I truthfully thank mr sunny for his constant encouragement and nurturing teaching. Thank you mr sunny.
- V

Truth will set u free

Mr Kang i used to have alot of respect for you only cuz my cousin spoke highly of you. I was feeling abit under the weather but decided to go for lesson anyways cuz i'd feel bad making a last min cancellation. Got in the car apologised in advance for my sickness. Surprisingly, Mr Kang was delighted to see me saying "oh you sick still come and find me i give u thumps up and thank you for not cancelling the lesson otherwise i cannot find a replacement" i said of course i understand thats why never cancel. After driving for 45mins. He insisted that i take his left over medication. I can tell it was with good intention. But when I kindly declined his offer. That was when all the petty remarks came out. "sometimes shldnt help chinese people shld give them go die" "help the indians better" "i dont like their smell but too bad my indian students are recommended by my friends bo bian i have to take" We went on to do vertical parking. I managed to get the car in the parking lot a few times with his guidance of course. I asked if i can do one on my own without his hand on the wheel and him talking. At this point he got annoyed. "why u have such funny requests. I tell u what u do what" "you study ABC in spore and go overseas and study ABC is the same thing" I asked him "why are u so upset was i wrong to ask u that?" He replied "yes just do what i say" he added "you study until sec sch no wonder ask stupid qns" In the end, i told him i do wish to continue lessons with him. He replied "not happy can call police" This is just my story i wanted to share. The choice is yours. I'm not stopping you. Who knows maybe you wont experience what i went through. Good luck fellow learners.
- K

1st timer

Took 7 lessons from him. 4 outside, 4 circuit (4th circuit was before de test itself) . He is very accommodating on the practical timing. A jovial guy. Always on time. Due to his age, he is not so IT savvy so de best is to juz call him. Do not whatsapp or sms. He will answer ur call. If u sms him juz call him to tell him to check on de sms if he never reply back. He will teach u on what u need to know. We work base on trust. I never paid him in cash but juz transfer him n I'll juz text him de receipt n show him personally. Overall he's a strict but nice instructor to learn from
- Le Angler

dont let him fool you

He is an instructor i felt favours ladies over men. Sometimes i wonder if he is a professional. He has an unorthodox way of teaching driving i wont denied. He's good. However i feel he is biased when it comes to teaching diff genders. His rates are not fixed. He shouts his price as and when he feels like it. Few months ago used to be 52$ 1.5hr. (Friend took lessons from him) Now he's charging me 60$ 1.5hr. When i was negotiating the price with him a call came in. Somebody on the phone was keen to take lesson from him. He told that person 75$ 1.5hr. My jaw dropped. Later part an ang moh lady with huge tits walked pass the car. He immediately pointed at her and commented if you're that ang moh i give you the old price. Done deal. No offence to you he said. Dirty talks. Yes i read the comments about Mr Kang. Some of you call him a chee ko peh. It all depends really if you're a boy or a girl. The foul things he said to me bleach cant even wash if off. Dont be fool by the fragile feeble old looks. He is an animal. He is constantly on the look out for pretty girls. Sharing with me stories on how some of his students gives him back massages, take him out for dinners. He likes the attention from females i can tell. He talks a lot btw. He keeps you entertained. However there will be a lot of distractions which will affect your learning.
- aaron

Patient instructor

A very patient instructor. Very accommodating to your schedule. He talked a lot, sometimes about his life and other hobbies he had for his pastime, but if it was to keep you less nervous and comfortable while on the road, I think it's not a bad thing either. Best to call him instead of messaging him, and he will always answer your calls promptly -- if he doesn't he will always return your calls. He is strict but patient, and is always on time. A jovial personality and cares for his student. Took 15 lessons and passed on my 1st try.
- E

My Review

First of all, i have to say he is a experienced instructor. However i will give you my side of story why i only give him 1 star. First, he have skin problem, and he will apply medicated cream/oil on his hand and feet in car. And later, he will touch the steering wheel or your hands. It utterly disgusted me. And in most cases, he will start using pen knife and tear his dead skin in the car. As i understand that he have skin problems, maybe he should at least wear a glove or something. I always use Dettol instant hand sanitizer after lesson. Next, he like to make sick jokes. Sick jokes can be quite uncomfortable to some people especially ladies. Sometimes, he even ask me to slow down my car for him to view other girls crossing the road and give unnecessary physical comment about them. Not only that, he will verbal abuse. Sometimes, when you do not do things correctly or do not understand, he will scold you, not in a constructive manner but verbally abusing you by critising your physical appreaance. And making unnecessary remarks. These are the main reason why i total feel disgusted by this instructor ( Mr Sunny Kang). Of course there are other things that i felt is very unnecessary and not professional of him as a driving instructor but i believe these reasons are strong enough for me to rate him 1 star.
- O

Good instructor

Well, i can say that Mr Kang is a good instructor. I was instroduced by my spouse. As an experienced instructor, he is firm and strict and he wants you to learn the right techniques of driving. No doubt he may scold or nag at you...all he wants is the best for his students to pass. I passed my driving and obtained my licence. Thank You Mr Sunny Kang!
- U.Kumar

Irresponsible and crazy instructor

Mr kang is recommended by my family member. On his first lesson, he kept calling me a “china woman” just because I’m fair. When I asked only one question on the name of car part, he told me “I want you to be as quiet as a Bangla worker, not taking away like a china woman”. During lesson, he kept talking away on irrelevant things, wasting time. My lesson is always 1.5hours, and he can talk for the full lessons, normally on racist and sexist things. He doesn’t give instructions properly as well, brake and accelerate can’t even differentiate. He also kept telling me to only shut his car door only when it’s 3 inches away from the car body, which is super ridiculous. He has no spirit or makings of a good treacher. Keeps complaining about other students punctuality but I never seen the student after me late before. He, however, was late 10-20 mins on 2 occasions and did not make up the time for my lesson. He also likes to push me to pay him for next lesson, failing which he will insult me, asking me not to be like a “china woman”. Mr sunny, I like to inform you I’m a Singaporean, and I’m also other people’s daughter. How would you like it if your daughter is constantly being bullied like this???!!! By the way, this instructor also hits his students. He did that to me constantly on the road, causing me to be shocked which is super dangerous as he did not install a duo brake system.
- AT

Dissapointed Learner

I have never regretted any decision more than taking driving lessons from this man. I decided to so based on some of the positive reviews over here but in hindsight I feel like they were written falsely. He would often waste time in lessons talking to other drivers, would give unclear instructions and start shouting after if I made a mistake. he REFUSED to accept any suggestion or answer any questions. Instead he would just say 'do as a I tell you, why so many questions'. Maybe this is because I am Indian but he tended to be a tad bit racist and would comment on my education saying "you study medicine but still cannot drive properly how". He taught me parking very poorly, even basic instructions like when to check rear view mirror and when to check side mirror I had to learn myself through the book. I hope no one else wastes their time and money on him.
- M

Worst Teacher Ever

I went through military driving training and thought I had the worse of instructors until i drove with this guy he will insult you constantly, blame you for things out of your control and always assumes hes right. I also booked a test with his permission but when i told him the date he said he was overseas so i had to cancel it and wasted 40$, when asked about it he jokingly told me 'maybe' we split. He will purposely cut short your time when he feels like it and when he is at fault he justifies it by his 'zen teaching'. he also boasts of his students being very happy to listen to him but he clearly spouts a bunch of BS. Dont put your money with a guy who doesnt care abt you passing at all but only cares about taking your money. absolute nut job
- Jarron

- Anonymous

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