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All the merits go to my PDI

Passed my first TP practical test with only 8 demerit points. Really shocked when I knew it as I was expecting a fail. Tester praised me for being a safe driver. The merits really must go to my PDI, super naggy until I tear a few times (cos I was disappointed by myself) but those nagging and tips really worked! They were precisely what the tester was looking out for. Think Mr Kan has quite a high passing rate as well, I would recommend him if you need PDI at admiralty area!
- Apricot


Tester praised me for good driving and i passed with 8 demerit points. So thankful to my PDI
- Celestine

Unceremoniously Dumped with a SMILE

Review by a parent: On 20 May 2017, my daughter approached Mr. Kan for lessons after BTT on 5 June 2017, explaining she will leave for college abroad on 17 August 2017. On 11 June, lessons start. By the 3rd lesson he hints that my daughter would need more frequent lessons and should take them with his "PDI FRIEND" as well as him. My daughter refused as that would be confusing. He takes 5 lessons in those 20 days of June and informs he cannot take any class in July (but promises to take over in August) Reasons: 1. He has to pay more attention to his "many" students who were going for TP in mid-July. 2. He is not available to take ANY class on test days because he has to keep his car in the test arena for almost 1/2 day- UTTERLY MISLEADING, we later realised! 3. He will be travelling out of Singapore during end of July. End June- He calls my daughter and books TP date. She starts lessons under his PDI Friend on 3 July 2017. Come 31 July 2017 and he does not reply to SMS as to when he will take over. I accosted him on 1 Aug 2017 between his lessons - - Question1. So, when are you taking over? You never replied to SMS my daughter sent yesterday! Answer- She is already taking classes with "PDI FRIEND"... - Question2: Weren't you supposed to take over? Answer- No, she is taking the test with him so… - Question3. You registered the TP under your "PDI FRIEND"! you never informed us. We knew he was just substituting you because you didn't have time the whole of July! Answer- SMILE. she is already taking classes with "PDI FRIEND" - Question4: Till this moment we knew he was just taking over from you for ‘July'' because you were not available. Why didn't you tell us on Day 1 that you wouldn't continue? Answer: I didn't know.... this is short time.... if she has to go for TP, no choice…mumble mumble .... DUH!!! HE DIDN'T KNOW ON 11 JUNE ABOUT HIS STUDENTS GOING FOR TP IN MID-JULY? HE DID NOT KNOW HE WAS GOING FOR TRIP IN END JULY? - Question5: The choice of instructor is ours and not yours so why would you put us in this situation? Answer: SMILE - (shrug) - Question 6: Why did YOU book the TP date and not your "PDI FRIEND"? You called my daughter about TP date, Right? Answer: SMILE - mumble mumble.... - Question7. Do you think what you did is fair and right? Answer: SMILE - (no answer) - Question8: Besides, why did you say you will take classes in August if you had handed her over Answer: SMILE. I can take some road driving classes. Cannot take circuit - that would be confusing for her… DUH!!! WHY WILL HE AGREE TO TAKE ANY CLASS IF HE WAS NOT THE INSTRUCTOR? DID IT REGISTER TO HIM ALREADY THAT HE HAD HANDLED THE SITUATION VERY UNPROFESSIONALLY. SADLY, because of Mr. Kan, his "PDI Friend" remained like an interim until the last 6 lessons. Glad also, that the ONE addition on "Pass on First Try" went to his “PDI FRIEND”'s record. My daughter's.
- B


Passed my first TP practical test despite making a serious mistake during circuit (due to nervousness). I cried in tears of joy when I found out I passed. No points deducted on road really saved me a big time. I would like to thank Mr Kan for always drilling me the proper techniques to apply on road. Really thankful for his patience and guidance. Would definitely recommend him to my family, friends and colleagues!
- Jiayi

Yay!!! Best PDI you can ever find.

Mr Kan is a great instructor, always on time, I took lessons with him for around 25 hours and he only took one break on my time. I passed on second attempt with 6 demerit points thanks to all his tips and tricks. He is really smiley and nice too, I could never see him get mad or start scolding a student. He nags the proper technique into your head instead. 10/10 recommend if you are in the SSDC area!
- Berrr

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