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Kae Wen Fatt
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Overall good instructor

Just passed on my first attempt. Uncle Albert drives a manual Mitsubishi Lancer Meet up is at admiralty MRT He teaches at SSDC and is quite patient, although sometimes he will scold if you make stupid mistake Overall he is a good instructor and he will not ask you to book tp until he feels you are ready for the test He charges $26 per hour and $39 for 1 and a half hours during non-peak hours and $28 per hour/$42 for 1 and a half hour during peak hour. Doesn't teach at night
- xtremeviewer

Not bad

A friend's instructor, heard not bad. Will share tips and what ot take note of during test. Ex BBDC instructor as well.
- Thug


Good and patient, I passed first time under his guidance with 6 points only.
- Dennisk

Teacher who puts your best interests at heart

Wonderful instructor. A little stern and strict, but gives very good advice about all aspects of driving and the final test. Told me not to go for the test yet because he felt I wasn't ready, I agreed, and I passed the next time round with flying colors. Speaks very good english by the way.
- Mark


Bad attitude.
- -

Good Instructor

Teaches well. Mr kae emphasises on key points to pass your tp. Good attitude, does not scream at students, if you got nagged by him he means well. Punctual for lessons 99% of the time.
- Driver

Very good

Very very polite and patient, doesn't scream or pressure you. Only when you make a grave mistake like hitting kerb then he will raise his voice. All in all best instructor. Just passed and waiting for my licence card now 🙂
- Racer

Very good.

Passed my driving test after changing from a shitty instructor to him. Lesson learnt, a good insturctor always makes a difference. Highly recommended!
- Hui.

great instructor

Polite and patient. Punctual and reliable for all lessons. I passed on first try under his good guidance. Highly recommended.
- Yap


Pass on my first test with 8 point
- Ben

Very good instructor

I passed my test on my first try with 4 points with about 16 lessons. He’s a very nice and patient instructor. He give good tips & will train you more on the parts you are not good at. He will give you more lessons when he thinks you needs it. He will nag/angry when you don’t do things right (especially when your test is approaching). Which is good as you will learn from your mistake & not repeat it during your test.
- Ryhy

100% recommended

Very patient and also teaches with tips and tricks to pass!
- Minjun

Strict but reliable instructor

1-time Pass with 30 hrs under him. Being a slow learner, I tried my best to follow Albert's instruction and remember everything he teaches me. Although I was highly stressed for most of the time with him, I have been registered by him for all the critical driving consciousness, which benefits my final test and my life-long driving safty.
- ZL


Passed my first test with 18 points. Mr Kae is a very competent, professional and kind instructor. He will constantly drill you on your weak driving areas until you get them right. Will only scold you if u keep making mistakes nearing test which is for your own good. Starts and ends lessons on time. Highly recommended.
- Aaron

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