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Huan Lee Cheng
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Bad attitude

Cannot speak for his teaching abilities but had a bad first experience. Mr Huan was 10 mins late for my first lesson today with no apologies. When he called, almost made it sound like it was my fault that he couldn't see me (I was 10 mins early for the 1030 lesson and had notified him where I was early on). When I discovered my PDL was in my other wallet which I had carelessly forgot to bring, we went on to settle the admin first while waiting for a photo of my PDL to come in to start the lesson. After filling the registration book, Mr Huan asked to collect the enrolment ($60) and lesson fees ($54) first. I handed him the money and checked with him whether he had a student after me in case it was still possible to get a full 1.5h lesson. He replied that we couldn't because it was my fault for not bringing the PDL which admittedly had taken up almost 10 mins by then. Was thrown off by his assignment of blame and replied that he too had wasted 10 mins by being late. He shrugged that off as a norm for private instructors, especially since I chose to meet him at CDC instead of Eunos which he had supposedly told me is a more convenient location (he didn't and it would have been for me too). I then asked whether it meant that every lesson would only be 1h 20 mins if we met at CDC and whether I could get my full 1h30min lesson if I changed the location to Eunos in order not to waste the $12. At this point Mr Huan became defensive, going on about how it would be the same for all instructors and initiated the 'de-enrolment' by 'refunding' me for the lesson (minus time we had spent on the 'lesson'). Ended up having paid $24 for 10 mins of waiting for him to arrive + 10 mins of sitting in his car sorting out admin. In hindsight, should have made him refund in full since we each wasted ten mins of each other's time.
- Joyce

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