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Ho Kee Liang
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bad attitude, last min cancell lesson, smelly car

very un-organized PDI, did not turn up for my lesson due to not proper recording, smelly car, attitude are not serious. anyhow comment. due to move to west, and change to auto, I experience more than 5 PDI, he is the worse!!!
- loess

Great Instructor

Currently learning under him, very friendly & great for independent learners
- ST

NOT SERIOUS to teach!

My first 2 lesson was good, friendly and make me stress free. at first i thought he was slow and easy with patience to teach... too comfortable Till the 3th lesson he started to make phone call and chit chat, then he told me just drive around at kallang indoor stadium carpark. round and round till my lesson end..???? for $50 per 1.5 hours i rather go to school lesson. oh ya! it wasn't even one 1.5 hours also! usually he will be late usually 5-10min (sometime on time) and he will end the lesson 10 min earlier. also sometime he will change the location to meet at the very last min. if you cannot suit his location he will come to the original location LATE because u cannot make it... not his fault! he won pay u back the min he lost. he once lead me to his house blk carpark and he went up to take food down to eat! another 15min gone! for min to settle down and continue.. (then he still dare to tell me 看做driver instructor 多好。可以自己安排时间)WTF! he also use my time to go pump oil right 20min before i ending my lesson. whr is the minimum respect to my time?? I endure becuz i pay for already paid $80 for registration fee. to change another instructor i will need to pay another registration fee. so i polite told him i wan to faster finish what i need to learn and make use of my time. he started to giving me the attitude and say "WAT FASTER LEARN, haven learn how to crawl wan to fly alr" then he clam down and say "slowly slowly learn, you stress and rush cannot pass one.. even if u lucky like one of my student first time pass. 6 month later he got car accident and lose one leg." "all my student at least i wan them to pass on the 2nd time. i don care about my rating or what, is for my student good!" that moment i agree on what he said and continue for more lesson. is the worst decision i made.. he will also say why u don buy me drinks like one of my student do? "你会不会做人的?“ 。。。。anyway i found this instructor randomly online at singaporebrides.com & mycarforum.com when i check for review. comment people say is he is funny and he will come and pick you up. (not true...) he drag my time way too much and is always on call. not serious to teach me at all. so i ask him can i learn other skill alr? got wat need to learn? any step to follow? after 6 lesson on the road turning round and round. and btw the driver seat belt is lose. because he extant the belt all the way and clip at the end thus the belt is not able to tighten unless releasing the clip ... seriously haiz... i got enough of his nonsense.. like endless to finish typing over here. i have change to school. don wish to lose anymore money on time. i really don mind his car is dirty or waste my 15min of time. as long as if he his serious about teaching i will still endure. but after numerous number of lesson and asking him to teach me other stuff rather than just driving round and round only...... i gave up on him.. i have to post my comment because the money is waste i can finish my school driving lesson... as the main point for me to find private instructor is because is cheaper and easy to schedule time. one lesson learn 一分钱,一分货。。。。really waste my money really so unfair...
- ws

Not serious instructor

Late for lesson and end early. Make phone call all the way till lesson end. Use my time to refill petrol and go to his house take food down to eat. Very lazy instructor change his timing and location on the last min. Don really wan to teach u new skill only Make you drive round and round at the carpark. Then he make his phone call. Seat belt is make loose by him using a clip at the end. Doesn't follow rules and still call himself a instructor. Complain his student have to buy kopi for him...
- Ws

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