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Able to teach all the skills

Good and experienced instructor. Also kind, friendly and patient.
- Lester

Bad Experience

I have changed driving instructors 3 times (because all of them claimed that they are too packed and I need more lessons and they cannot give me more than 1 lesson per week) and Mdm Hang is my 4th driving instructor. I told her about my circumstances and that I don't want to change anymore instructors and just want to take lessons under her until i pass my practical. She agreed and told me not to worry. However overtime during lessons she scolds me. She says things like 'You still don't know how to turn properly! How many times already. You just go and learn Auto' 'Your progress is very slow you know' And after 6 lessons (1 hour each) on 7 December 2015, she told me that my progress is too slow and asked me to find another instructor because she is too packed. And i said, 'So if a student learns slowly, does that mean you can just not teach them like that? Is it my fault that I learn slow?' and she kept saying she doesn't have time and she plans for each student to take the practical on a specific date and since my progress is too slow I will be wasting a lot of money. These are just excuses for not wanting to be responsible for your students. Don't sugar coat your words. If students learn so fast there is no need for instructors like you. Doesn't mean that you are a private instructor you can just reject students halfway through and leave them hanging. Furthermore, my lessons are 1 hour each but she only gives me 45 minutes (because 15 minutes to drive to the learning area and back to the meeting point at Bukit Gombak met station carpark). I was so demoralised and angry that I cried in the car. Lol. every lesson she will scold me whenever I stall the engine. 'Learn so long already still stall! my car will spoil you know! you will fail the exam' As if i was born an F1 driver. AND i already paid the registration fee of $50. Even though she said she will return me. But that is not the point. The point is since you have taken on a student please be responsible enough to see him/her through until they have passed and not give reasons like 'you are too slow, i have no time for you' things like that, since you have already agreed to teach them. I am so so angry and sad right now, why must you make it so hard for me to learn?
- Claudia

Patient and Understanding Instructor

Very patient and practical instructor. Explains all methods well. I passed on my first attempt. High Recommended.
- ZC

No Patience and always scolds

Kept threatening to not teach me because I was a slow learner. But I have tried very hard already and she just had no patience to teach. Also teaches very fast, after a few lessons expects me to know when to change lane, how to handle slope etc. Didn't explain clearly as well and in the end just said she had no time to teach me and just asked me to find another instructor, after having so many lessons with her.
- Ting Wei

Don't ever hire this driving instructor

Not interested in teaching properly to help you get your driving license soon but only interested in lining her pockets with your hard earned money by dragging the lessons on and on instead of looking out for your mistakes. Also scolds you and blames you whenever you make a mistake because 'you are too slow, cannot understand anything' etc etc. I still have not practiced in the circuit after 28 LESSONS in 6 months. She only lets me go on the road and tells me to turn left, turn right. When it comes to all the details such as upslope, downslope, she never tells me what to do, expecting me to know already. There was once the car started to roll back at the slope she just glared at me and said 'how come you don't know??' Whenever i make a mistake she will threaten not to teach me and verbally abuse me saying that I'm too slow etc and cannot drive, go and learn auto instead etc etc. We have never practiced at the slope or tried parking even after 20 lessons, only on the 25th lesson then she let me try parking. After the 28th time she said she doesn't want to teach me anymore because i 'simply cannot understand anything' And now I am rushing to get my license because I am going overseas soon and need to drive but I cannot. Why? Yeah, because 'I simply cannot understand anything' or because you did not teach me the basics? Do teachers talk to their students like that? If the student is a slow learner, don't all teachers/instructors give more advice, or recommend another instructor who is able to allocate more time to the student? instead of what she is doing. Every lesson we will only go on the road instead of practicing the basics (turning at kerbs, going up and down slopes etc) , and she will be busy on her phone getting new students etc instead of looking out for my mistakes. So I have spent over $900 on her and am still nowhere near exam standard. I have to consider changing to school and restart everything all over again. Thanks a lot, SDR 9797H Mdm Hang
- Priyathri

do not engage

Bad experience and did went through what was being mentioned by the previous students on this website. Didn't explain clearly & just told me that I should learn auto after having so many lessons with her. Kept on telling me that I will need more lessons because I am slow, not encouraging at all. And these days I am not sure why they have to take $60 from students for registration? Perhaps just to copy school but I don't see any overhead needed if private instructors are self-employed. It's pretty ridiculous... what kind of other 'registration cost' is involved & it seems like a trend for private instructors. Honestly, if we all know how to drive, please explain to me again why we need to learn driving at thirty odd dollars an hour from you. Well thanks for the 'great' driving experience SDR9797H
- going to school

Drags Lessons

Notified said instructor 3 days in advance before lesson, called me on the day itself why I did not show up when she has been duly notified and flared up at me. Lessons are not given on a consistent level; which means by the time you go for the next lesson you'd have forgotten about what you've learnt prior to that. Ultimately, wish the best for Mdm Hang.
- Sigh


If there's a 0-star rating, I would be glad to give. Points to note if you're still going for her -For a start she would give you 1 lesson per week, sometimes cannot even guaranty that, I have ever waited 3 weeks for a lesson. -She doesn't tell you properly if your lesson gets canceled, ended up making me wait like a fool for 2 times. -Not even friendly, if you are a slow learner, I would simply say "good luck to you". -Driving takes practice and time, but she'll get irritated if you do not get things by the second time. She'll go by saying "how many times I tell you already, if like that how to pass". At a point, she even told me to go find another instructor and obviously she makans your $60 if you do so. -You won't get a chance to visit the circuit or even take your TP test until she makes enough money from you. -A person who does not give you confidence in driving, who makes you feel like you are weak. -At times she would even end her lesson early having you to drive only like for 40 mins. In summary, go for other instructors, I mean unless you like the pointers that I mentioned above, then go for it. And yeah for those of you already who are already suffering from her, just leave, that's what I did, and I had a wonderful instructor after that. "Learning driving from her is never a fun experience."
- Saviour

Please be realistic

First and foremost, I took lessons under Mdm Hang for about a year and passed my TP on the first try.She is a very patience and understanding instructor. Due to my medical condition, I had problems controlling my clutch well at first but she did not reprimand or what so and just encouraged me to do better next time. She was also worried that TP might not allow to take my test hence she made sure that I got all the necessary documents ready and even called me to remind me.And ya I eventually took and passed my test smoothly, stalling only once during the test. Would like to take this chance to address some unrealistic complains people are having: Firstly, lesson frequency. Having one lesson per week is the norm for private learners and you should be happy that you are able to get it. Lesson bi-weekly are also considered normal. Instructors will eventually give you more lesson nearing your test date and this practice is very common. If you want more slots, GO TO SCHOOL. Secondly, lesson duration. 1 hour lesson, is not possible for you to spend the whole hour driving. From my experience, I am getting consistent 45mins lesson every time, the 15mins buffer is essential for like admin processes and also the spillover caused by the previous student and most importantly, she need the wash room...why is it her fault. I had prior experience with SSDC instructor, 90mins lesson but throughout the lesson, he will ask you to stop at nearby coffee shop for him to buy breakfast/lunch and also toilet (had experienced 3-4 toilet breaks before) and each taking about 10mins, and will also return early, so in reality you are paying for 90mins but getting less than 60mins. Thirdly, scolding. I do not think that scolding is the right word to describe it. If you all go and read up, stalling is really bad for the car as it causes damage to the car's starter. And if you all had teaching experience, it is really frustrating if after so many lessons and you are still making the most basic mistakes. Do you know how tough is it to sit in a car whole day teaching from morning to night, please be understanding. If her "scolding" is unbearable, wait till you see how fierce other instructors can be, shouting loudly, degrading you and the worst just stepping on your brake unnecessarily. I am sure you all hear stories about uncle with anxiety issues LOL. In conclusion, Mdm Hang is a very nice instructor and lesson with her is very relaxing. If you are not rushing to get your license, I highly recommend Mdm Hang to you. And for new learners, please find out more about private instructors from your friends and family before you have too much expectations. And 9797 is a very nice number 🙂
- Charlie

Might not be for you

I ended up coming across Mdm Hang together with my friend and ended up to be under her for driving for 2 months or so. My friend took a solid 30-40 lessons, which consisted of roughly 40-45 mins of actual driving per lesson, which ended up in 3-4 months of learning before actually taking his TP test. I only managed to clock in around 6 lessons and I must say you need to see past the 45 mins of driving whereas you paid for an hour; the fact that she's REALLY cranky after the first lesson and will consistently complain if you screw up a few times, which in turn cuts short the lesson; and also the really long and mundane lessons that feel it's leading up to nowhere. If you're rushing to get a license out, can't deal with an old lady being moody and naggy, or you're not demoralised easily, I'd suggest you find a different instructor as she's really not for everyone, and definitely not for me. That aside, outside of driving lessons, she's a nice old grandma who seems really jaded about life and teaching, and I really wish her all the best.
- ajy


Sharing this so that others don't waste their time and money on her. She only teaches you how to drive, but doesn't correct your bad habits or mistakes you make. It's only after failing my first TO that I realise I have many fundamental mistakes that could have been pointed out to me. Furthermore, her one hour lesson would end in 45mins. And during circuit she would watch videos on her phone without paying attention to your mistakes. Please do not make the same mistakes as me, go to school or find a good instructor.
- Darren

Dedicated teacher

I must've learned for a few months in and out for a span of 2 years under her. She is very dedicated and will not reject you as long as you're willing to learn and keep pushing yourself. She will usually give you 1 or 2 slots a week, as she has a lot of students. But leading up to my TP i had 2-3 lessons a week. My 2 tries before this were terrible, 1st with an IF and 31 points, 2nd with 24 points. My hands and feet were shaking so bad on my first 2 attempts. Passed today on my 3rd TP attempt, she taught me everything with steps and how to execute every circuit portion perfectly, until I was confident enough to do everything. I overcame my nerves and passed with only 6 demerit points. She does end at about 45 minutes because she uses the last few minutes as time for you to do your vertical parking and allows you to ask her questions before the whole hour is up, she has never once asked me to get out of the car right after, so I could ask for tips all i wanted. Do take note, she has OTHER STUDENTS so she has to get back to the carpark early. Imagine if your lesson started 15 minutes later with her because her student was stuck in a jam outside. She might have a little feisty temperament but her teaching is top notch - How much of it to be absorbed is up to yourself and how you can execute your skills. There will not be a lot of hand holding because she wants you to have the confidence to be able to drive as a normal driver when you're out on the road. If you fail, it's not a problem of Class 3 or 3A, or whether it's the instructors fault as she is perfectly capable of teaching and driving. Focus on yourself! Overall, just a really pleasant lady and teacher. Thank you Mdm Hang!
- big nerves

Wasting time, wasting money

Sorry to say that I took more than 70 lessons. I sat the test 4 times but I could’nt pass.. I learned driving , but test is not matter of driving. So lastly I changed my instructor.
- Shireen

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