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Only if you wanna use his car to practise only

When I contacted him, he seemed nice because he is very soft-spoken. At my first few lesson, he would steer the car for me and leave it to pick up the techniques. Minimal teaching and guidance unless I asked. After the few lessons, he became verbally abusive when I didn't do things right. He called me kayu (dumb), his worst student etc.... Sometimes he raised voice at me. As I became fearful of going for his classes, I stopped at the 9th lesson. I would only recommend this instructor if u only need a car to practise.
- Carrie


Like to curse ,scold and insult. Impatient, bad attitude, a lot of nonsense.
- Indigo


No wonder it is so easy to book his lessons because not many students. U pay him to scold and insult you only lah
- Milan

An Irresponsible Instructor

I had a very bad experience of learning practical driving from this instructor. He likes to scold students. Never show any encouragement. Only show hot temper. He just tells you what to do, but seldom teaches you how to do it step by step. I am very frustrated to learn from him caz what I could receive is not skills but scolding. I stopped learning from him after 6 lessons. Moreover, he will use hand phone every time during the lessons, either making calls or texting messages. I won't recommend him to anyone.
- NN

Thanks everyone in for sharing review

Thank you all the previous 4 reviewers that I also decided to call it quits from this instructor. This driver very kayu scare you damage his car. big showoff and play games while you drive and sleep at redlights. recently keeps going oversea and just tell me not available. the ultimate one is to ask me drive to petrol station to pump oil. I am a director of a local family business, ask me go pump petrol. nice. hope you have a great coaching career.
- Hatyai Jim

Very bad experience

I had very bad experience with him. He ask me to go for test 3 times an failed. First test was just after 14 lesson including warm up.He will use very bad words to scold you while you drive even you do not make any mistake. For sure you will loose interest in driving if you take his lesson.
- Kumar

Different from the rest

Mr Goh is quite soft spoken. He always point out my mistakes immediately and he repeated his instructions whenever I was about the commit the same mistakes the subsequent times so I would remember. I passed on the first try and I believe it is all thanks to his guidance. He believes in nurturing good drivers than people who merely want to pass the test. Always clear on his instructions and he is a very knowledgeable teacher.
- George

Competent instructor

Though he is impatient at times, he is actually very patient at heart and is definitely one of the most experienced driving Instructors around. He helped me pass my driving test within 18 lessons. Would recommend him if you want to pass your driving test asap! Definitely not the kind of Instructor to ask you to take more lessons before test just to earn more money.
- Xiaodriver


His other reviews on this platform is not a good representation of him as a private instructor. Mr Goh knows his things well, and is able to coach well. Of course he does chide a little when there are mistakes, but that is normal when learning a new skill. Though he mumbles and speaks quite fast, be ensured that he won't waste your money.
- J

Not the best

After seeing a couple of good reviews, I though his attitude changed. Boy was I wrong. He would come 10mins late and end the lesson 10mins early all the time. He also doesn't know what he wants from you asking you to turn more sharply then scolding for why you did so, although his hands were on the wheel. He would be on his phone 24/7 if not digging gold or digging his ear flicking the wax everywhere. But it's true that he doesn't waste your money in a sense that he would book your TP asap.
- James

Absolute Thrash

Very Impatient. Has too high of an expectation for you such that when you don't mean it, he screams his head off at you. Sleeps during lessons in broad daylight. Doesn't have the intention to teach you but more of just milking your money. If you are looking to throw your money in the rubhish dump, he is the perfect instructor for you!
- Bob

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