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Not bad instructor and rather friendly. Collects enrollment fee of $50.
- Wong Chee Hoe

Very bad instructor

Had an overall bad experience with this private instructor. This guy teaches you bad circuit techniques. He teaches you stationary turning of wheels for parking in the circuit. When I ask him that I don't want to learn something that will deduct points during my test, he just says its the right way. Very lazy and unwilling to teach properly as well. Sometimes he will make me wait in the car while he finishes a cigarette washing my lesson time. I actually forgotten one day that I had a circuit lesson planned a few days before my practical test. To be fair it was my fault and since he paid for booking the circuit, I told him I will pay for the circuit fees. He then proceed to tell me I also have to pay for the lesson (1 Hour for him to teach me driving :$32) I was really upset and told him why is that so. You did not teach me anything that day. He just gave me some sort of crap excuses and all that. Saying I'm in his records or system. When I said I was not gonna pay him for the hour fee and it was absolutely ridiculous, he threaten me saying "You want to pay anot? Don't want to pay you go and find another instructor and car for you to take your practical test tomorrow". "Not happy you go and complain la". Absolutely absurd and a near impossible task to find a different instructor when my my test is the next day. So I ended up paying him extra. He has also failed to write down that I paid for the circuit on the test date and I also paid extra for that. Horrendous experience. Luckily I managed to pass my test yesterday (my second attempt) and can put all this behind me. Just writing this just so that nobody has to go through what I went through with this guy. He berates you and says things like "You should know how to judge" like days into my first few lessons. If I knew how to do everything means I know how to drive right? If I know how to drive I engage you to teach me for what? Makes my blood boil at the thought of this experience. Go to him only if you want a hard time.
- Mel

Attitude problem

Attitude problem, and very stuck up. Really bad experience with him and like Mel mentioned he takes lesson time occasionally as smoke breaks and does not compensate when it eats into lesson. After 2 TPs with this guy i switched to my friend's instructor and passed the first time with him. So overall I passed on my 3rd attempt for TP. In hindsight, i should've changed after the first and if you are looking for an instructor, i suggest u go to someone else.
- Regret

Epitome of Horrible.

First lesson already expect me to know how to operate a car and know how to adjust seat and mirrors. I told him that I do not know and he reprimanded me for not learning this before taking his lesson. During his lessons, on and off will take smoke breaks. Best part, second lesson already want me to drive out to flyovers and he instead of paying attention to the road and student, he is paying full attention to his Galaxy Tab and enjoying his hokkien music videos. Then as I am driving, I tend to go out of lane and at one point he saw that I was gonna hit the side rail already then he jam brake and scold me for not paying attention. When i replied him that I was nervous as this is my 2nd time driving out, he just kept insisting that I was not paying attention. seriously sia, where to find such a horrible PDI. Foo Moo Lee will give you this memorable experience that you will regret paying for.
- Kel


He cannot make it. He everytime sit down in the car and use phone only. He doesnt even comment properly rather than saying you need to apply intermittent braking correctly. " you should apply your skills learnt in ftt" He doesnt teach when to use what gear the procedure to change lane, the procedure to park. He just sit down there and say you should know...
- Brother

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