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Er Hung Keow
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High passing rate

High passing rate and many ppl passed 1st time under him.
- Edwardthy


Good PDI, recommended my sis and frens to him and they all passed as well.
- Xiao_qiang

Highly Recommended!

Got fed up with my last instructor who was really impatient and who insulted me throughout my entire driving experience. Switched to Mr Er, and after taking 11 lessons with him, went for my driving test (again) and passed with only 8 demerit points (IMO it should be 4 since I ALWAYS step on the brake when the vehicle is stationary). Anyway, the only bad thing I can think of is that his car is a little old and worn and that he is a little forgetful sometimes. However, he more than makes up for it with his patience, guidance, and friendliness. EXAMPLES: Even if I make mistakes, he won't shout or insult me, and will simply patiently guide me what to do the next time round. Also, because I had a problem of my foot moving up the clutch every time I switch gears, he managed to correct my problem by simply telling me to remove my shoes! My previous instructor didn't even know how, and even insulted me for that. He is also quite friendly and will strike up conversations while you're driving, which can ease off the stress you're feeling. Note that this can also be used as a benchmark; if you can drive safely and engage in conversation with him at the same time - you are ready for your test (don't rush it though - take a couple more tests to be sure)! His fees are also quite cheap - $50 enrollment fee, $200 test fee, $30 for 1 hour lesson, $45 for 1 hour and a half lesson. Overall, highly recommended - take him if you want to genuinely improve your driving skills and pass without a stressful instructor breathing down your neck (and who doesn't insult you). *****As a quick last word, my advice to you new learners is NEVER EVER rush the test - if you fail you lose not just money but confidence - rather, see if you can drive and talk with him at the same time without compromising your driving ability/safety. That's when you know you're ready - when you're able to drive without thinking about the clutch/brake etc. and can focus on everything around you.
- Martin

patient PDI

Was introduce to him by a friend because of his patience and non insult teaching. Have intro him to many of my friends and their review of him was fabulous. Im a 1 time passed driver!
- Felicia

Really good

Due to prior commitments, I have 2 other instructors before Mr Er. And having been through a few teaching methods, I can say that Mr Er is a rare breed. He has a positive attitude towards imparting his knowledge, and would encourage you to believe in yourself. He will point out the wrong techniques made during the lessons,and I have not once heard him speak condescendingly. He speaks clearly in mandarin, and lessons with him is not stressful. I find that, when compared to other instructors, he made me feel that he is on my side; nurturing and building my confident. I would think that I am a slow learning, and thanks to his arrangement to provide a 2 hours lessons before the test, I managed to pass my test with ease.
- Jiahui


no patience , vulgar

Simply the best!

What can I add more? Mr Er is a really good and positive PDI. As far as I know, although he only teaches manual transmission, you should not miss the opportunity to learn from him! He is very patient with the mistakes you make and would always strike small conversations with you on the road to build up your confidence. Highly recommended!
- Xiao Ming

My instructor from 2012

Teaches you tips not only for test but real life situatuon! Good job!. Passed within an unbelievably short time.
- Stinky


Give the wrong test date and always do things unsystematically
- Tommy


Extremely Patient PDI. One of the instructors anyone can have
- Jarred


A very experienced and patient instructor who believes in his students!
- C

Highly Recommended

Passed 1st try with 15 lessons! Mr. Er is very patient and friendly. Easy to book lessons with him, just call him every time he will pick up, don't use message/whatsapp. Doesn't try to cheat your money. His car is Toyota Axio, quite easy to drive. I called up a few PDIs and his rate was the cheaper than the rest. Highly recommended! I seriously don't understand why there are 1 star reviews for him.
- Wayne


Pass with first test. Patient, Good experience thru out all lesson.
- Jun Long

Best ever PDI

Fantastic PDI passed my test in a very short time
- Tom

- Good

- sdsdfsdf

- Anonymous

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