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Chua Tiam Hwee
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Patient PDI

I recommand my PDI Mr Chua Tiam Hwee for ssdc, and i passed my TP on 1st try he have patience, will talking to you in a good manner correcting your mistakes so slow learner like me can learn very well from him the car he using is Honda Jazz
- iamlenon

Willing to teach

Very willing teach. Failed my first test with 28 points. But after switching to him, he helped me pass with only 4 points.
- edwinteo

mixed up the messages with other students. Wasted my trip down.

Well, I didn't get a chance to review him personally but on the phone he was rushing through my call and he didn't ask for further details. Texted me the time and date of first lesson but overlooked it and mixed up his messages so he didn't turn up and was surprised when I called on the day itself at the meeting place. Didn't apologize, just kept saying the messages were "cocked up" and that the message I received "wasn't for you leh". In the end, he told me that I needed to pick another date with him (Earliest next Sunday, it was Monday that day) or just go find another instructor. Super disappointed, can't say much about the learning experience as I never got to meet him but this was a bad first impression.
- Anonymous

Passed on my first test

Recommend instructor. He help me to pass my 1st test within 3 months even tho i only went to his class less than 10 times. He will teach everything from scratch.
- Muhammad Asyraf

Bad Experience

Bad Experience
- Liu

Highly recommended

Got my license within a short period of time. Started lessons in august & passed my tp in september. In circuit, he'll stop you and let you see what went wrong. Although his fees are slightly higer(i guess) but it was all worth it.
- Anonymous

Your better instructor

Initially i was release by my previous PDI, Mr Lim, i was told that i couldn't drive and i will never pass with this standard.. However, Under guidance of Mr Chua, he taught me very patiently and often stop and tell me the mistake i made. I pass my TP on my first try! Highly Recommended instructor!
- Jayson

Do not contact at all

Zero stars. fees are extremely expensive, especially circuit. Circuit only 30 mins max. if that day inside a lot car, u only practice a bit. waste money only. Extremely annoying person, will constantly mock and bark at you if u make mistakes over and over. Making u super angry. Always without fail, end lesson 10- 15 mins early. Half way through lesson most of the time will go for toilet break, at least 10 mins. During circuit, he will ask u own self do the station. Then leave the car and go talk to his friends, you must own self learn and practice with no guidance at all. if You make a mistake, be prepared to get barked at for the rest of the lesson. If u not happy, you tell him, he will just ask you to change instructor. On the road outside, most of the time he will be using his phone scrolling through facebook, whether or not he is looking at the road i also not sure. if kena accident, he confirm blame you until u pay him one car. Dont take the risk, there are better instructors out there. Dont waste money on this irresponsible and extremely irritating person. DO NOT ENGAGE HIM AT ALL COST.
- super cui

Excellent PDI

Mr Chua is the most patient and understanding PDI out there, he has excellent knowledge of the criteria to pass your TP and has allowed me and my brother to both pads at our first tries. Thus, as long as you're willing to learn and attend lessons, there is no doubt you'll pass your TP quickly. Also, he is a very reasonable person and as long as you cooperate with him, he'll definitely be the best option for you.
- ryanwee

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