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Chua Ho San
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Not bad

Not bad instructor. Won't eat your time like some other instructors. But he's rather busy with many students. Will answer your questions but when he think you zai already, sometimes he won't talk much unless you ask.
- pasquinade

soso only

Would not recommend him. After taking 16 lessons with him, still suck at circuit.
- sadded kid

pretty good

Quite a reliable instructor who is fair when it comes to payment. I.e: if he happens to be late he will not charge you the full amount, or he will extend lesson timing if he does not have lesson after. Although he might be impatient at times, his teaching methodology is good and straight to the point. Very handy tips and tricks for passing circuit obstacles.
- alex

Great private instructor

A great instructor that teaches you all the tips for the tp test and shows you the different routues that will be tested during the test, reasonable person as he will explain to you what you did wrong instead of just scolding and not explaining. Overall my experience learning with him is great and he charges a reasonable amount, passed my driving in just 1 try under $1.5k. He has a new contact number which is 92228000 though
- Quan

Wonderful Experience

Had the pleasure of being taught by Mr. Chua. He was professional in the way he taught and really made it a point to ensure that whatever that would be tested on would be adhered to, in order to increase my chances of passing. I would highly recommend him!
- 7424


Very patient instructor who would not flare up at you whenever you made a mistake. Punctual for lessons too. Overall a very good experience!
- Teo


Pass my TP test in 1 try, great tips and teaching methods being used. however can be inpatients at times and will forget where he stop the previous lesson. overall nice experience. 他不年轻了, be more patience towards him.
- Nick

Highly Recommended

Took Class 3 lessons in English (think he does Chinese mainly). Good PDI with lots of experience. Had 17 lessons altogether (6 in circuit) and passed first time. His car is a Toyota Corolla Axio with a 2016 registration plate. His rates were $60 for registration, $38/hour, $35 per circuit entry (charged by CDC), $300 car rental for test, $17 insurance for test. Mr Chua provided many useful tips for circuit and road driving. Mr Chua was very respectful and friendly and although he sometimes got agitated when I made mistakes, I know he meant well and he helped me improve my driving greatly, correcting my mistakes each time and helping me to learn more. I would definitely recommend Mr Chua to anyone that wants to learn how to drive a manual car. Even though he has a lot of students, timetabling was not much of an issue.
- hdmi

Wholesome experience

Mr Chua is extremely patience towards students and have a tendency of not lashing on students, despite performing the wrong maneuver. Mr Chua will also emphasized on your mistakes on the road and make sure you wouldn't make the same mistake during your test date. Despite him having a lot of students at hand and might forget on the things that you had just learnt, you have to remind him constantly so he could help you along your lessons. Overall, strongly recommend this instructor!
- Su


Great instructor with many tips to impart on driving! Very patient and reliable, no scolding/shouting involved. Speaks chinese/english with some hokkien mixed in, nice to chitchat if you're willing to during lessons. Many students under him passed on the first try, as did i! YAY~ Highly recommend him for manual driving~ Passed on first try with 17 X 1.5h lessons. Went to circuit around 5-6 times.
- first time pass!

Money well spent

Knowledgeable and patient instructor. He covered everything that was tested, gave good advise for parking and was able to advise me on all kinds of road scenarios when I had doubts. Mostly comfortable with chinese language, he also conversed with me in english. Take note he will be stern and raised his voice appropriately but I find it beneficial during my learning process. Car is very well maintained and easy to operate. I passed on 1st attempt.
- 8388

Recommended instructor

I just passed my test today at first shot. Mr Chua knows the tricks for the circuit very well and he will tell you how to avoid the common mistakes. The way he teach the parking make it very easy, you will never go wrong if you do what he said.
- Lu

Good instructor

He know how to let you pass the test. And he is really nice,he don't scold people and only raise voice at dangerous situation. Highly recommend
- Joe

find someone else

Get someone else, not worth you time or money
- Pissed lady

Did he change or something ?

Likes to take toilet break and eat my time. In car always on phone and not giving me the attention school instructor gives. Cancel my lesson when i am already there. In my opinion, not worthy of your time. Find someone else.
- IFeltCheated

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