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Teach you to be exam smart

Mr Chow does not do pick up or drop off. And his price is slightly cheaper compare to others. (Price increasing soon). Always on time, attitude is good too. He is more focused on teaching how to pass the test. He will teach/ give a lot of points to ace the test, rather than how to drive in general. Honestly, I was a very bad student, because i feel that driving is more than memorizing. Hence, I didnt really bother to remember them and he will f***ed me up most of the time, but once i got more experience his points actually quite sensible. His method is a no brainer one/ SURE-KILL one. He might not be suited for you if you want to learn to drive. He rather you just use his SURE-KILL method. Many times when i tried to do it my own way, he will nag me for not using his method. He does give out tips and tricks (experience) for real life driving, but he believes that you need to have a lot of experience on the road to get better. Therefore once he feel you are 50/60% there, he would advice you to take TP(waiting time for TP around 2month). He would also sometimes lighten up the mood by joking a round a bit. He doesn't scold in the angry way, but more of whiny, the "Oh God Why" kind of way or by making up a joke about your mistake. Once you get better he will start to use with his iPad, despite that he is still very attentive. For example, he will know that I did not check my blindspot, even though he was using his iPad or whether I f***ed a segment of the circuit. Take it as a he acknowledge your driving! Overall, he's good as doesn't eat your time and money. Actually he would rather you learn quickly go quickly, as mention he will only let you take once he feel that you are ready.
- motomage

Very good PDI

Recommended by a friend. He's very patient, friendly and nice to talk to. I find his teachings really good. He is also a very humorous person which makes me look forward to his lessons. Also really patient and willing to teach. Even recommended him to my boss who had bad experience with PDIs many years back.
- leeam87

Very nice guy

A very nice guy to learn with. Passed on my 1st time with him.
- tansrb


Passed in under 15 lessons with him. Worth learning from.
- evilorgi

Best PDI

After years of going on and off PDI and even school instructors, I was introduced to Mr Chow who was patient and had all the advises for me to drive safely. He did not force me to take TP immediately even when he knew I had the experience. He went step by step, and asked if I was ready. He evaluated me during my last lesson. I'm so thankful as he helped build my confidence in driving. Do contact him if you want a good PDI. If he doesn't have slot, he'll find one of his close friends to take you.
- Amanda Lazaroo

Impatient Uncle ruins driving experience

After seeing that Mr Chow has 100% positive reviews on this website I messaged him immediately to ask about his fees and availability. Everything went rather smoothly for the first 3 lessons driving around ubi. He starts lessons on the dot and makes you turn in at least 15mins before the end of your lesson to discuss your schedule.. 2mins later you're out of the car. My first circuit with him was the ultimate nightmare. He is very kanchiong while teaching, everything he mentions he wants you to get it on the spot. During the start of the circuit, I was slow and when he asked me to turn etc. I would just take 2 seconds to make sure I'm doing exactly as he asks and correctly. He would get so annoyed and he would just insult me non stop. "Don't process, come on" "Ah yo, like that how to learn" "___, I just told you (...) and you don't even understand how to learn" This went on throughout the entire 1hr circuit. During one of the stations, he told me "once you see the 3rd marking start to turn full right" "the 3rd marking with the paint chipped off" me: "frantically scans for whatever that sounds like what he is saying..." 2 seconds later.. "come on..." removes seat belt gets out of the car start murmuring about how I can't even understand something soooo simple. "Ah yo like that how to learn" "simple thing.. blah blah blah" so at this point I was just really overwhelmed.. like how is it possible for this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED instructor turn out this way?? After that station, he couldn't stop nagging!! Literally just repeating every single dialogue above. We then moved on to the uphill slope, while he was explaining what I need to do, before he finished his sentence I hit accelerator hard. My bad! I was so worried that he would nag at me for processing and being slow, when he mentioned to accelerate I just went! Good thing, the car didn't fly cos the hand brake wasn't released. Mr. Chow went berserk! Like legit nagging and repeating about how it's so simple and how this and that and just plainly insulting me. I couldn't take it and I just started tearing up. He took it the wrong way and said that if I don't like him telling me right from wrong, I can't learn under him. It's really not about scolding.. it's really the tone! Like how his tone is just consistently annoyed that's no way to make someone improve! So while I was still quite upset, I didn't have much to say and he just kept repeating about how his other students are great and they all have no problem passing this and that. At the end of the lesson he kept telling me I can quit if I can't take his pushing and he can give me my money back etc etc. I didn't say anything and he just went on and on!!! I'm guessing he had a bad day? cos he really just lashed it out on me. After that day I still continued lessons with him as it was already scheduled earlier and I was really trying to be positive! The first lesson after the first circuit was okay, we just drove around the area. The second lesson was circuit again, he started of nice and told me not to be nervous. Yet again he loses his patience so fast!! This time it was parking while reversing, I would just reverse calmly he would ask me to look at this mirror then this (nothing wrong with that). but while practicing I would sometimes be more focused on one and he would flare up and nag about me not wanting to learn his way!!! Seriously!!!! I'm soooo new to driving, I really do make mistakes second circuit how well does he expect me to do! So after this nagging and insulting, I started to get more tense, trying to be super alert so he doesn't repeat and doesn't so full ape mood on me resulting in..... forgetting all my blind spots. Each thing I forget he tells me "4 points" "You just gave away how _ points" Chill leh.... only 2nd circuit I'm not trying to take my TP now, I'm still learning how to control the car and park etc... can you chill? I've stopped lessons with Mr. Chow, maybe I caught him during a really stressful and packed period that's why his patience runs real thin. Also.. he didn't return me my registration money back, "If I don't want you then I'll return you, but if u don't want then we will not return back . Even CDC driving school they will not return to u also" I mean.... he was the one that kept insisting on giving me my money back after my first circuit... Should have taken it then! Damn!
- Thanks Mr. Chow

Impatient instructor

Thank god I'm not the only one here. I have also approached him due to good reviews here and guess what? His impatient attitude simply overwhelms me. I can relate to almost every single description mentioned in the previous review. What else can I say for him? 1. He never apologizes even when he is in the wrong 2. You can never argue back at him, because he is always right 3. Sometimes he will play with his phone/ipad and when you made an error because he didn't notice, he will flare up and nag and nag 4. Sometimes if he sees you repeating some mistakes even if you didn't meant to or you forgot, he will say things like "Aiya, just do whatever you want lah!" 5. Due to his impatience, sometimes when you are waiting for the road to be safer before you move off, he will say "Tsk why you wait so long, waste time, blah blah blah". Because of this there was once I tried to move off when it was barely safe, then he complain "Tsk Tsk Tsk, still got car still proceed". He is really just a typical Singaporean uncle who is impatient and probably drive recklessly on the road himself (though I don't have a chance to see that)? I really don't understand why he can still have so many students under him. Probably a lot of those not-so-well drivers still suffering in silence, while the rest are generally good drivers who don't get much attitude from him.
- Thanks Mr. Chow 2


If I can rate him negative 5 stars, I would. WORST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EVER. after reading positive reviews online, i was tricked into looking for him. I bet all the positive reviews are written by his family members/relatives. One of the most impatient and irresponsible driving ever. - Start Late, End Early - Impatient with horrible attitude - Scold, insult, humiliate when you forgot about certain stuff and many more If you love getting humiliate and scolded for god knows whatever reasons, go ahead and look for him! GOOD LUCK TO FUTURE VICTIMS OUT THERE!

Unbelievably bad

I signed up w Mr Chow after reading his reviews here. However, to my astonishment, he is nowhere near his positive reviews. He is extremely impatient and has no qualms about showing his frustration. I mean..if I could learn driving on my own, there is no need for his existence. I am now stuck w him with little options. He boost to me that he has more than 50 students at the moment, so for those who wants to experience his couldnt care less attitude, give him a shot!
- Sunny Sim

Impatient, insults

1. Tricked into signing up in early 2016 cos of all the good reviews. Quit after he kept lashing out on me. He was my first instructor and he really ruined the experience of driving. 2. Start on time, end super early. Hey, driving lessons are expensive. As your customer, I deserve to be given a full one hour's lesson since im paying for it. There was once he ended 15 minutes early, and I told him saying "erm still got 15 mins left" He was so upset, told me if want to be so calculative then change instructor. I thought everyone under him was good except for me so i lan lan suck thumb continue lesson. From that day onwards, whenever i came for lesson, he kept nagging and nagging and nagging that i was being v calculative. He did not teach me anything, but instead just told me turn left turn right for 1 hour. ccb. 3. Scolded me over the phone for changing lessons 2 weeks in advance. REALLY DUDE?? My work schedule is very irregular, so I am being forced to change driving lesson timing. HOWEVER, I felt it was too much to get angry at me because I wanted to reschedule lessons 2 WEEKS before, not 2 HOURS before. Fuck you. He made me afraid to drive and afraid to look for other instructors. It's been a year and it took me quite some time to pick up driving again. This guy should be totally banished from this line of work. I don't even know where the other good reviews came from.

Happy P plater

Mr Francis Chow was recommended to me by a friend for whom i was really impressed by her driving. Very stable and steady and nothing like the lady driver stereotype at all haha. I was working freelance during this period and I decided CDC was too troublesome (expensive that one I think we all know?) to book and I wanted to have more lessons at flexible timings (I was ok to accept office hours timings and I thought that would be more economical for me too) and also more intensive lessons as needed to pass as efficiently as possible since I am a working adult and might need to head back to full time day work in a few months time. So in the end I find myself lucky that Mr Chow was my first and only instructor. Passed first time after around 15 lessons in about 2 months (despite strike kerb at start of test -my own mistake as a bit ganjiong and I did not dare reverse in the main lane to adjust when the tester wanted me to turn straightaway at the direction change and brake response test pairing at the far right side of circuit behind the slope test) After that regained composure and i felt the practice and training paid off. Tips from Mr Chow like dont be afraid to take 2 point penalty at crank course if you need to reverse comes to mind and i took actually used the reverse maneuver as i knew i cant afford to strike kerb again. The tester also wanted to give me many points for failure to go into bus lane (keep left) at Paya Lebar Road (i was already preparing to turn right back to driving centre without prompting since I was so familiar with the route) and I was a bit amused more than relieved that he passed me in the end as he told me personally that he acknowledged i can drive (no points for guessing whose credit) ie i drove like any driver did and of cos theres video evidence plus i was confident enough on the road tt i did not hold up traffic (who turns into bus lane at 10am when wanting to turn right in a busy 4 lane carriageway??) I'm really astonished and appalled at the same time to read about the few bad reviews esp regarding fees, last minute cancellations and punctuality. To start off even before first lesson Mr Chow is very clear about his fees (which are very reasonable compared to school and even what A-team or whatever) and about last minute cancellations. In fact a few times I had to cancel last minute as I was feeling sick or oversleep as too tired, he offered to give me a discount on the agreed penalties and did not scold at all. Everytime he is punctual and waiting for me at the coffeeshop near CDC even for 7am lessons (im the late one coming down from other place or wake up late) and he will still maximise the driving time till the last minute (of cos still end on time as not to shortchange the next student which is very fair (my own fault if nt able to make it on time). Of course was abit disappointed at the start as my initial impression from rumours is that private instructors then maybe you can start off at someplace nearer your home or have pickup but anyway I dont stay very far and you will know why you have to take your lessons at CDC for Mr Chow - back to back students, most are long term not just tryouts, and doing so maximise learning time and time on test routes and to circuits (road driving from your house to CDC really a waste of lesson time esp in traffic) (which is how i become so familiar that I was able to plan the filtering on my actual test as mentioned above (Mr Chow also gives tips even on these points). During the first few lessons, Mr Chow is already able to identify my weak points which happened to be circuit issues for me (isnt that an advantage of private instead of school even when sign up the more expensive package doesnt guarantee you get the same instructor everytime and even with the same instructor whether he is going through the syllabus and motion like school teacher or like a private tutor who is able to individualise the lesson plan) With that, he is able to plan and book in advance including predicting the number and type of lessons required. This is impressive considering that most people are concerned especially for ubi that the circuit booking might be problematic and delayed for private instructors. In addition, for each problem he knows the exact issue to fix and pushes the student until he / she gets it (i had big problems with turning the steering too slow like an "uncle", imagine an uncle calling me that haha), hence he might appear impatient or fussy but once you internalise what he say and make improvements to what he says he encourages you and becomes his friendly self, from which you can enjoy the driving and practice and hear his many stories and jokes (which i will miss from time to time). He has a book which acts as his calendar which he meticulously and systematically indicate his students' lessons and if he has confirmed the relevant bookings w CDC. His tips are also not only useful for passing the TP test (which is of cos what we pay for right?) but I find them also relevant for real life driving. In short, im now enjoying driving a powerful car like an Audi A4 confidently and safely (it feels good when friends and relative make the remarks) and able to hold my own against certain kinds of drivers you know you will see on the road. If this review sounds too good to be true, thats fine. When I think of referring my friends and family members to Mr Chow, I consider if the student is suitable, committed and deserving, not whether the instructor is good or not. It will be a shame if the student give this instructor headache or stroke when his time can be better off teaching student who are more humble and willing to learn and benefit from him. Cheers and yours truthfully.
- Edwin

okok la

1st : he does not teach class 3 anymore he now only teach 3A 2nd : i agree with you he abit nagging and scold people. however i pass my TP test the first time under 10 lesson haha. tip: go to him only when you are confident of what you are doing and driving on the road
- tommy

Worst PDI ever

Very impatient and likes to scold people. His scolding is very demeaning. If you are not a strong-willed person, you would feel very sad. I have never cried before for so long but cried 2 times because of this instructor.
- -

don't bother

ill-tempered and ill-mannered. 1st few lessons very nice and friendly then after that bochap bochap become like you take his class you owe him lidat. class always start late end early. changed 1 circuit lesson well ahead of time and got scolded and said circuit timing cannot change and i need to pay the fees in full when he's never made it clear circuit cannot be cancelled without penalty. if you tell me ahead of time then of course i'll pay in full but you also never say. just because of this he then said if i don't want to pay i can go find another instructor. he gave up a student just like that. BUT GUESS WHAT I CHANGED INSTRUCTORS & IT WAS THE BEST CHOICE EVER.
- john

Good PDI

I was recommended to Mr. Chow by a friend, and have managed to pass 3A driving test first try under him. Firstly, fees. He is very upfront with his fee quotes on the first lesson, and it is up to you to decide if you think these fees are acceptable. If not, you can stop taking further lessons with him and seek cheaper alternatives. His charges are reasonable to be honest, considering his 1st time passing rate. Secondly, length of lessons. Many people comment that the lessons end earlier than an hour for them. I beg to differ. Mr Chow tries to plan the lesson such that you are back in front of the coffeeshop 5-10 mins before the hour is up. Reason being that: 1. He needs time to schedule your upcoming lessons; 2. It is not fair to the other student after you if he overshots the time spent with you. Always remember that every route he takes you for test drive will take certain amount of time, like 10 - 15 mins to complete. If he ascertains that timing-wise, it is too tight and not possible to finish another route, he will stop the lesson (and ask you to head back to the coffeeshop). Personally, I find that this is fair for everyone. Thirdly, driving lesson quality and attitude. Throughout the months that I have learnt from Mr. Chow, he has not scolded or said anything too negative. Sure, he nags that "Aiyo, like that immediate fail" or "Minus 4 points like that ah", but isn't that the point of learning to drive? To know when you have made a mistake, and improving from where you were wrong? Would you rather that he kept quiet, and when you are outside driving on your own, you get involved in an accident? Take his words to heart. Learn from what he says, and you will surely not make anymore silly mistakes in the real world of driving. Lastly, for prospective students wanting to learn from him - carry with you a positive mindset to learning, and learn to correct your mistakes to what he is teaching you. Remember that you have just started out driving, while he has been driving for probably the past 35 years. Absorb more of his knowledge, and carry it with you when you are driving outside with your newly minted driving license! PS: Cleared TP on first try, and no points deducted in circuit. Tells you how good Mr. Chow truly is. Cheers.
- FirstTryPass

Good instructor!

He's very good if you are willing to put in effort to learn. He helped me pass the first time I took the TP. That was after learning with him for about 3 months. He is very experienced in tips and tricks to navigate the test. I bet if I didn't rush him, he would have covered more driving skills but I was more set on passing the test first. He's observant, passionate and detailed - a good driving instructor especially if your learning style matches his teaching style. My learning style didn't match his, so I had to change myself and it worked; I didn't want to miss out all his nuggets of wisdom, so it was worth it. I believe he learns and teaches best by doing it, while I prefer to understand something first with clear and logical explanations. As such, I initially found it difficult when he seemed to not give me enough time to think and understand, as I find it difficult to reproduce something when I haven't understood the rationale fully, especially when its a skill-based task like driving. To be fair, I wanted to learn and pass in a short time, so he probably was trying to help me by pushing me on. Well, things got better when I started spending about 30min after each lesson thinking deeply about the mistakes I made, his reactions to my driving and started making my own notes (based on his notes - yes he gives notes - and his comments during the driving), as well as revising these notes just before each lesson. I also came to understand that behind his frequent seemingly emotional outbursts, he actually has quite an effective way of analysing a mistake I made and puts in effort to help me get it. So, if you can help him focus on what you don't know or are not getting his fluster, it reassures him and helps him focus on giving you the diagnosis and solution to correct your mistake. He may charge more than others, not give certain privileges and niceness (you can read in the other reviews about him), but it's worth spending the money learning with him if you know what you want and are able to trust him.
- Happyman

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