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Chong Ser Ngiam
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Reliable driving instructor at CDC ubi

Very patient as I was pretty scared driving a manual car. Was clear with his instructions and gave good tips! Did not flare up when I did something wrong. Passed the first time! 🙂
- Miss Tay

Poor teacher

Impatient teacher. Although he does provide good tips, he is not attentive during lesson and keeps using his phone. He gets pissed off easily at mistakes made. His schedule is also overly packed.
- Miss Ang


Took my 1st driving test under him and failed. Decided to contact him again to help me book 2nd test. I asked when my next lesson will be and he said he will inform me via text message. After weeks...nearing to my test date, he still did not bother to contact me despite me calling and texting him several times. Find someone else who actually cares about their student taking their test.
- O

Good instructor

Good and kind instructor with decades of experience and taught me not just the techniques, but also consistently emphasised the need to practice safe driving mindset and techniques. Re O's suggestion that he's irresponsible - in my experience Mr Chong has a very packed schedule from 7-7 daily and therefore cannot track his students' schedules well - to get around this i simply called directly as many times as needed to book lessons. Not sure why O decided to take the passive approach, and after finding that that approach uneffective, leaves an entitled sounding comment. Students from the school also have to book classes themselves - given Mr Chong's packed schedule, same consideration applies.
- Lim

Good and Cheap

Very patient, share tips. sometimes come 5 mins late, release 10 mins early.
- k


After I failed the 1 TP, he asked me to top up my account and call him, he will book next TP for me. But till now, he is totally uncontactable. Although I changed a phone call him, also cannot get through the line, but he will call back to that number. But for my own number, as it already in his contact list, he know it's me and never call back or reply my message. I have to change an other PDI to finish my 2nd TP. WARNING: If you do not have confidence pass TP in 1st trial. DON'T learn from him, as you have to figure out what to do all by yourself after 1st TP fail.
- Mr.


Very good attitude. I like so much. Thanks sir

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