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Chia Lik How
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Quite helpful

He teaches using textbook which I find quite helpful.
- dxnemesisxb

Unprofessional and irresponsible

This instructor left me 12 days before my test date. Why? Cos There was a miscomm on the appointed lesson date, he called up and scolded me, things escalated into an argument and he simply told me to go find another instructor - 12 days before my test. Irresponsible! Horrendous! After that he refuses to pick up my calls. I had only one lesson with him and my test date was due soon, I needed help. This are the kind of instructors that makes you wanna give up learning! It is devastating as a student, to encounter such an instructor. He should have his PDI license revoke! Totally unprofessional and childish behaviour! If you think that my complain is unjustifiable, then you are condoning all PDIs to adopt this kind of behaviour!
- iaranat


He left me almost a month before i could take my TP! He said that we do not have the right match. And when i called him back to want to scold him. He did not answer and he always changes the timing of class and ends few mins before 1.5hrs. Shitty instructor please do not EVER hire him!
- Dt

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