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Very Bad PDI

Very bad instructor Doesn't explain theories clearly, and gives blunt instructions, yet will very scold you badly if you make even the slightest mistakes. Will ask you to stop by the road side just to scold you, hence wasting driving time. Always end lessons 15 min early (he'll use the remaining 15 min talking gibberish) and start lessons around 5-10min late (often because he needs to use the washroom or chat with his friends). Keep on harping on small mistakes, keep bugging on it and don't let it go. Keeps nagging and distracts us from proper driving Highly un-recommended.
- Jimmy

Review for PDI Mr Chew

Experienced driving instructor (given his age). Tend to nag at your mistakes which will actually help reinforce it in you provided you can take it. Very insistent on safe driving practices which is a good thing. Dislike his bad habit of starting lessons 5 mins late and ending lessons 5-10 mins early and wasting the time settling admin matters/letting you leave early. He also tends to give contradicting instructions during different lessons, causing learner to be very perplexed. Clarifying his instructions/comments will be regarded as disobedience, and will result in further nagging which does not help to clear our doubts. It does not help that he has unclear pronunciation. Slightly lacking in human touch as well (non-negotiable pickup location even during bad weather, no small talk etc.) His rate of $48/hr is mid-high, and i believe for the price, better instructors can be found. Glad to have passed but had i known from the start, would have opted for a different instructor.
- M

Reviews don't do the man justice

He gives you the cold harsh truths. If you suck you suck he is not going to let a dangerous person drive on singapore's roads. Listen to his nagging well, be patient, open your heart and learn. He is actually a very nice man that cares for his students a lot. Initially I was very bad at u-turning so he nagged at me to turn and control my speed properly. He made me do u-turns more than 10 times so i could perfect it without his guidance. This took up more than the 1.5hr lesson i signed up for but he didn't charge me extra at all. if you are finding an instructor who will sugar coat his words and teach you without nagging and distracting you, you probably wouldn't have such quality teachings. and if you cannot handle people talking to you while you're driving, good luck trying to drive while your friends/fam are in your car next time. trust the man he is good.
- K

one of the better ones

Great driving instructor, speaks clear English and teaches you the basics really well. Passed on my first try, took about 20 lessons from him. Pros: 1. Breaks down into clear instructions on how to park vertical, parallel, S-course, Crank Course and slop. 2. Doesn't scold much, if you think he's scolding you definitely haven't been to NS. 3. He remembers your weak points and he'll tell you on top of that he'll keep drilling you. Cons: 1. Nag's quite a lot. 2. tends to end 5-10 minutes earlier while starting 5 mins late. 3. if you're late he won't give you grace time, if he's late he will pay you back in extra time, but since he ends early and starts late, not much diff. all in all who cares, i passed so i recommend i've experienced worst instructors
- l

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