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Bad attitude. Slurs in speech.

Like to share an objective review from.personal experience so others won't suffer regrets and waste so much time and money like me. Doesn't teach basic properly. Failed twice and both testers told me I don't seem to know my basics well. (I learnt more crucial basic knowledge from the 2 testers than from him) Speaks chinese only. Worse is he slurs (cannout pronounce words properly) in speaking and speaks fast so his teaching is not clear most of the time even though I'm a chinese. Advice: Choose one that can speak both Mt and eng language as it helps to clarify more things Car is very old, and the steering wheel is not even centred. And he charges $250 for his old car rental for test. Check forum, most testers only charge $200. Wanted to charge me $80 for registration fee (though I did nego down to $50. He's NOT an encouraging nor patient PDI. Likes to criticize and is sarcastic. I even got slapped HARDDD on the hand by him for my 1st time of restarting engine after it stalled as I held it a tad too long. No matter what, I feel a teacher should never hit a student. It portrays a lot bout one's character. Take heed. Overall, after learning 20 over lessons from him and failing 2 test. I find that there are far better teachers outside. Yes Mr Cheng has taught for over 20 years, but it might not mean good. He simply jist become more slack and assumes that people would know after saying things once, and doesn't like to repeat himself, which I find many times frustrating as its also hard to understand him. And his slurring and fast talking doesn't allow him to impart knowledge efficiently.
- Leon

bad attitude and money grubbing

Registration fee is $80 and I regret not reading Leon's review before. Charges $40/h during weekends, but told me in SMS that it's $37/h. Requires you to pay upfront for the next lesson as well. He's very rude and talks a lot and very fast. He keeps talking and you have to keep listening. This is difficult as you are trying to concentrate on the road and listen to his instructions. Worse, he will suddenly tell you turn right or left in between his mumbling, and when you are slow to react he will complain. During my first lesson, he was always on the phone and talking to people and the car was stopped. He didn't give me a full lesson yet charged for it. During my second lesson, he started to criticised my personal lifestyle (e.g. when i sleep and wake, what i do as a hobby). He even removed his shoes and put his feet against the dashboard. I dropped him after two lessons. Don't waste your time on this instructor.
- shib

No - Fire him

I started my driving lessons not fully aware of how the system works, and was only told about the circuit after 16 lessons from a friend of mine, only to be dismissed by Mr Cheng that the circuit was expensive to rent. A lot of negative reinforcement, he not only commented on my driving skills as “terrible”, but constanly said I have no chances of passing during my warmup class, messing with my confidence and contributing a large part to my failure. He said he has been doing this for a long time but it has become clear that his patience has been cut over the years because he is sloppy when it comes to teaching the basics; expects you to already know how to do certain things and scolds you hard for it when you don’t. Charges exorbitant amounts of money, only for a 80% failure. A pass only comes down to the wits and inherited skills of the driving student. Will not recommend him whatsoever
- James

Pass on first time

Mr. Cheng, he is a very experienced PDI and speaks only Mandarin. He is an old-school PDI, hence the constant nagging and scolding. But that is how their generation believes in teaching, must scold then will learn. I believe all PDIs are the same. As an experienced PDI, he has many tips for the test. He taught me all 3 types of parking at a public carpark before booking the circuit. So, I don't need to pay $34 to learn to park in the circuit. Pros: - Doesn't eat your time and is always on time (he will need to go to the toilet in the middle of the lesson, but it only takes him 3 mins max) - Fully utilized his car as an 'equipment' to assist you to pass the TP (e.g marking on windows, wiper screw) - Very experienced. Flexible when booking next lesson Cons: - Chinese speaking, sometimes when he speak is not clear (but just need to tell him nicely to repeat) - Naggy (but is for our own good) Driving requires some common sense, if you don't have common sense, then better stay off the road. Lastly, just treat him with respect like how you treat your father/grandfather.
- Jia Wei

Really good instructor

Passed on the first try under him. Focused alot on the fundamentals, which was really important, as opposed to learning where the trees were and all.
- Laurence

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