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1. Very experienced 2. Affordable charges 3. Very patient and friendly
- Anonymous


Very patient instructor, always gives exam tips, very encouraging.
- Stella

Worse PDI ever

He is by far the worse I have ever heard of or seen. Firstly, he is extremely abusive. He would hit me on my lap really hard if I don't step the clutch in, smack my arm when I don't turn the steering wheel fast enough. This started since the 2nd lesson, and I was advised to lodge a police report against him. I did not as I thought he's just a grumpy old man. But as time past, it got worse and he came out with more things that irked me. Second thing that I can't stand, his mouth. Always verbally abusing me, calling me dumb, stupid and asked i should change to auto since I'm so stupid. He will tell me I'm the worse student ever and I'm the stupidest he have ever met. Mind you, I was only on my 3rd lesson. I chose to assume that he just have temper issues. I doubted my own abilities after that and I would compare my progress with my classmates. I was actually the fastest and progressing the best. So I didn't understand why he have to abuse me verbally all the time. Next, he kept repeating the same thing for numerous lessons and insisted that I am a slow learner. I was from school, and over there they passed 4 stages at one go because I progressed well. I think he was just trying to waste my money as I asked him previously, "how much do you charge for TP". He said basic $350 and if you take less lessons he will charge higher. What kind of rubbish is this. The last straw was when he told me that I can only book my next lesson 1.5 months later, as he have a lot of students and doesn't have time to waste on me. During lessons, he would love to handle the steering wheel for you, jam brakes randomly (or if he thought he saw a car). His theories are contradicting as he would tell me to drive up to 5th gear speed and then scold me for being fast. When I slow down to 3rd gear, he screamed at me for being slow. I am extremely perplexed by his teachings and I cannot understand his lingo. When driving on a bus lane, I slowed down to allow the bus to move off since it had its signal on to move right. He scolded me saying I shouldn't have waited for the bus to move off, asked me to speed off. So I did. When the next bus signalled to move out, I drove on and he screamed at me saying I should have given him way. So what is what? I don't know, when I asked him questions he will scream and say "you think you are very smart?! You don't need a teacher, you go and teach yourself! Ask so much for what? I tell you to do, just do!!!!". I don't talk back because I try to maintain my respect for an elderly, it may sound ridiculous to you guys reading this. But I am a girl, facing an angry old man and my parents have always told me to be nice and forgiving. I just let him rant and shout. One more thing, when I told him I cannot make it for this particular time slot, he insisted that it is alright. He told me that I can cancel it in the morning if I cannot make it. Sure enough I did, and he made me pay him for that lesson as he couldn't find replacement. I paid him and suddenly he told, now my fees are $53 for 1.5hrs. When I signed up, I had to pay $70 deposit too. Shouldn't his increase discussed or applicable to new students and not his existing ones? During the last lesson, he jammed brake thrice and I felt really shaken. After doing that he was extremely silent. When I asked him if he did the braking, he said "of course la!!! You're driving so fast! If I didn't brake, you accident already!!!". I was driving at 40km/h on a low traffic road at 8.45pm. The nearest car was 10 to 15 m away. I felt like he did this on purpose, at the end of the lesson, I asked him for my $70 deposit. He only gave me $17 back as he "taught" me today, so he balanced it out. I really felt like I've wasted my time and money on these lessons that went no where. Please do not find him, if you doubt my words, go ahead and try him then. For girls, seriously just don't bother finding him. He feel that all girls should drive auto as it's easier and he assumed that we are all incompetent driver.
- anonymous

No good at all.

Also known as Robert Chee. Thisguy is a scam, very impatient and abusive with words calling me stupid or low IQ. Ask me to change to auto because im not good enough but i feel that im average. This caused to me feel really bad, and mind you i was in the ealier stages of learning. Please stay from him.
- Anon

Dont bother

If you can afford to go driving school, please go there. If you cant, please don't bother to learn from him. I had wasted my money with him as he do not bother if you learn, he is only concern if you pay. Sometime just comparing the price of school and the amount he charge is not realistic as he create no value. Would you pay cheaper for a rotten apple? I am sure you all wont. Please stay away from him and the passing rate he had online tell us a lot. Sending 97 students but only 21 of them passes which is only 21.65%. Please ban all this instructor who are just there to make some quick bucks and creating no value to students. He is so nice to teach me E brake only on the day on TP test during warm up. You are able to use the circuit if you are from school without extra charges so why bother to learn from this kind of instructor and pay extra. Circuit is much more difficult in my opinion but with practice, it is much easier. A student of Robert Chee during 2013 and paid an estimate of $1000 as a lesson for wanting cheap stuff but no value. I wish i could input my comment without adding any stars!!
- anonymous

Stay Away

Robert Chee does not care if his students pass or fail. He is lazy when giving instruction rude and takes no effort in correcting his students mistakes. He also charges every student different ammounts depending on what he thinks you will pay. Having just moved to Singapore he took advantage of me and grossly overcharged me for lessons and made me pay $450 for the TP which as you can see from other reviews is not the price he gave to everyone else. He is abusive, does not take any care in if his students pass or fail and is generally a bad teacher and should honestly just retire. Please learn from my mistake and stay away from this guy.
- Anonymous

Genuine and Experienced Instructor

I am not sure about the rest whom have enrolled under Mr Robert Chee Kok Wan before, but my experience with him is exceptionally good. I have taken 2 SSDC PDIs before and failed TP twice. They were so rude, abusive, derogatorive and outright wanting you to fail, that I began to have a phobia towards PDIs in general. However Mr Chee was my last bet and honestly I think he teaches very well compared to the previous ones. He gets out of the car and does physical demonstrations using props he stores in his boot to teach you parallel, vertical parking etc. I rate him 5 stars because he made me pass within 2 months.
- JustPassed

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