Learn from a Private Driving Instructor or from School?

It depends on your needs

In the ideal world, private driving instructors are almost always better (cheaper, faster, more flexible) as we assume we can get the best instructor. PDIreviews.com was set up to help you achieve that with user reviews.

However, as we do not live in an ideal world, schools offer a safer yet more costly and slower option.

Private Driving Instructor


  • Cheap

I.e. $39 per lesson (1.5 hours) and $58 per circuit lesson (1.5 hours)

Total (15 lessons) = Enrollment fee ($50) + 10 lessons ($390) + 5 circuit lessons ($290) + test fees ($200) = $930 (est)

  • Flexible learning (learn at your own pace) which makes it a faster process
  • Consistent learning (due to a fixed private driving instructor)
  • Experienced (most have many years of experience)


  • Possibility of getting an unreliable private driving instructor with a bad attitude
  • Private driving instructors are not accountable to anyone
  • Overall lower passing rate than school driving instructors

School Driving Instructor


  • Teaches in a systematic way, in accordance to guidelines and syllabus
  • Higher passing rate
  • Can change instructor; accountable to school


  • Much more expensive and slower

i.e $71.69 (off peak 2 hr lesson), $80.25 (peak 2 hr lesson)

Total (20 lessons minimum) = Enrollment fee (betw $101.65 – $155.15) + 15 off peak lessons (1075.35) + 5 peak lessons ($401.25) + test fees ($150) = betw $1728.25 – $1781.75 (a rather conservative estimate, most people take more than 20 lessons)


  • No fixed instructor. To fix, you have to pay more