Formula to Pass Your Driving Test with One Try

According to Traffic police statistics, the latest passing rates of the Singapore Driving Test are pretty dismal. From Mar 16 – Feb 17,

Class 3 Total Tested Total Passed Passing Rate
First time test takers 30706 13561 44.2%
Test re-takers 17332 8933 51.5%
Total 48038 22494 46.8%


From this table, 2 things stand out:

1. When MORE than half of first timers fail, you know there is something wrong with how things are taught.

2. When test re-takers only fare slightly better (miniscule 6%) on their re-test, I think it is really absurd, how difficult is it really to pass??


From researching over 100s of test takers, 2 things can be concluded:

1. Learner drivers and their instructors are not exam smart enough:

  • Sadly, from my research of the most common Singapore Driving Test mistakes, I keep seeing the same mistakes made over and over again without most people realizing them!
  • I made these same mistakes too as my instructor did not teach/stress them to me. In fact, I had a real shock upon seeing the demerit points incurred when I failed my 1st driving test.

2. Learner drivers are not psychologically smart enough as well:

  • It is easy to say stay relaxed, don’t worry, the tester won’t eat you up, just drive as per normal.
  • That’s bullsh**.. There are ways to control anxiety and maintain composure, but that’s not the way.
  • Trust me, after you make a mistake, your mind goes into overdrive. It will be flooded with the thoughts “what happened?”, “did the tester see?”, “how many points”.. How do you stay focused?
  • What happens when the tester starts shouting at you to go faster? Do you lose your composure?
  • What happens when something unpredictable happens, like a jaywalker suddenly crossing your path, or a car jamming brakes in front of you? How do you react?


Thankfully, I went research crazy after failing my first driving test and from there chanced upon the formula to pass the driving test with one try (I passed on my 2nd try).

With this formula, 8 in 10 pass the test, a 1.6X improvement over the national average of 5 in 10.


Click here if you want the formula to pass the Singapore Driving Test >>