How to Choose a Good Private Driving Instructor

6 factors to look at

Passing Rate

Logically, it makes sense to choose a PDI with high passing rates. But take note that there are some PDIs who purposely send students for more lessons than required. This not only allows them to maintain higher passing rates, but also allow them to earn more money from you. Beware.

User Ratings

On, you can find overall user ratings out of 5 for each instructor, with 5 being the best, and 1 being the worst. Use this rating along with a PDI’s passing rate to have a more accurate picture of his competence.


This is another important factor. There are enough quality PDIs to go around such that you would not have to travel far and wide to get a good one. There are some who offer pick up services if convenient so do watch out for that.

Timing Flexibility

One tip is to decide on a time slot you would like to take your driving test and then arrange lessons at that timing. Also, try to ensure at least one or two lessons each week. For good PDIs, they tend to have many students and would be less flexible in this aspect.

Teaching Style

There are all sorts of PDIs around. Some are strict/fierce yet fair, some are extremely patient, some are very naggy and the list goes on.. This is a very important factor as even if a PDI is competent, if you cannot adjust to his teaching style, learning would not be effective.


All PDIs have certain habits that you may or may not tolerate. E.g. going for a smoke break, toilet break, going a coffee shop, dozing off, watching videos in car, etc. Find out about these in the user reviews and avoid those you cannot tolerate.