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Ang Thiong Hing
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Good Experience

My experience with him is that he is able to teach driving topic by topic which is easy to follow and the pace is quite fast as I took only 19 lessons (4 circuit) in total before my TP. Closer to the TP, he will start to remind all the minor issues such as check blindspot, check safety, where are the turning points for which stations in circuit. His rates are affordable depending on whether you can pass the TP on the first try or not and whether you are taking his peak period rates or off- peak.
- Wen Yan

Reliable Busy Man

Mr Ang is a veteran in the industry having previously taught at BBDC he knows the techniques to pass and where the common pitfalls of learner drivers. He is very busy and can sometimes takes calls and arranges lessons while you learn, he only does this when he has faith you have mastered what you were taught in that lesson. Now relocated to SSDC he is patient and teaches you the tricks of circuit prior to circuit practice to maximize your practice time and circuit rental fee. I passed TP in 1 try and under 30hrs of lessons and I highly recommend Mr Ang for those who want a PDI for SSDC.
- Kit


My experience with him was that he is able to guide me very well he didnt give up pushing me ahead to do better and he will tell me to keep redo-ing until i got it right and is satisfied with the outcome. I took 17 lessons with him including 4 circuits . It was my first ever TP and i passed! Thank you so much Mr Ang I highly recommned him!
- Safina

Highly Recommended

Knowledgeable, experienced and patient instructor. He teaches all the things you need to take note of in circuit and on the road from the beginning till your last practical lesson. As the date to TP is closer, he will emphasize to you on all the minor and major things that you need to take note of be it, in the road or in the circuit. He is always open to questions if you have doubts about on the road or in the circuit. In addition, his rates are affordable. Definitely, highly recommended!
- Shf

Scary experience

14 lessons (4 circuits ) teach each topic step by step remind me to check blind spots and stuff but that's closer to TP before that he usually keeps quiet and my very first lesson he was falling asleep. Parking he taught me to turn when car is stationary... Parallel parking he never teach me check blind spot when car swinging out. basically he just brush off the important points and only occasionally MUMBLES it to me. Lastly on TP day I didn't get to have warm up circuit he say the computer spoil... but i see other ppl doing their warm ups so.. idk what to say la. but yeah passed my TP thanks to my friend who guided me step by step unlike this guy. Avoid him if you know any better instructors.
- lmao

Patient Instructor

My driving experience under Mr Ang was a great one. His lessons are well-structured and easy to follow. He is extremely patient and doesn't scold unnecessarily. He is always on time and doesn't shortchange you for your lessons. Highly recommend.
- Hurrikane

Excellent Mentor

Students searching for a good mentoring session for your driving lessons must reach Mr Ang. Mr ang’s is a very professional, very patient, very detailed mentor. He not only is good in his skills but also good in motivating students with less courage and fear in their test. Although it’s not easy to book his lessons due to his busy schedule, but still i would strongly recommend Mr Ang to you guys . If you find chance, do grab this mentor for your driving lessons. You will be very impress with Mr Ang. I would also like to use this channel to thank Mr Ang for pointing out all the big and small mistakes I had made and I am very greatful to meet such a dedicated mentor. Thank you very much Mr Ang and you are definitely worth more than a five star rating. I wish you continued success and good health for the years ahead. Iriz Kwek
- Iriz kwek

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

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