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Phobia of Driving

You normally gets very excited knowing you have a class scheduled to learn driving later on of the day, especially on the first few lessons! He seems friendly at first but it all turn into a nightmare when times go by.. He is impatient in correcting your mistakes and become more and more agitated when you tell him you do not understand what he is teaching. Due to different setting of your seats alignment, the points viewed to gauge the turning point could be slightly altered. When you tell him you do not see what he is seeing, he will go haywired scolding and cursing you, saying how lousy you are and how you will never pass and that a person like you should never attempted learning to drive! Not only i lost my confidence, i also developed phobia of driving thanks to him! I still remember i was so scared and worried on the day whenever i know i am going to have a lesson with him. His lesson is worse than not being productive, asked me to make a right-turn on a busy road just based on my own "feeling" then scolded me for returning the steering straight before he instruct me to do so. Followed next was his instruction to make a u-turn, also without prior teaching.. This time i turn the steering fully at the point where he ask me to turn and i waited for his instruction to return the steering straight. But he didn't say a word until the car is almost going to hit the divider! He then depressed on his side of the brake and started his cursings again saying that i have no common sense, how stupid i am, how i should not even learn to drive at all etc..... that’s when i burst and walked out of the car telling him that all other lessons i booked shall be cancelled! It took me several years to overcome the fear I developed from him to even start to learn driving again, I even shivered with fear just to think of doing so. Now I’m taking my lesson with BBDC, it also took me quite a while longer time to learn the very basic lessons than usual because of my low confidence and fear. Almost all the instructors here told me the exact same thing that they see my only biggest problem in learning is the extremely low confidence level and fear. Yes i spent quite a lot of time and money for the initial stages but likely its spent for ditching the fear created by this instructor from Hell. After i successfully overcome my fears and decidedly throw away all the bad experiences i had with him, now i am doing well and can clear several lessons at one go. The instructors now tell me i suddenly feel like a different person and that my learning abilities and judgement are in fact better than average students! (just too polite on the road always giving ways to others and being extra cautious that afterall should not be an issue for the test). I’m glad to know that it wasn't my problem with driving. My problem back then was the instructor!
- barasuishou

Avoid if possible

He is quite friendly and patient the first 2-3 lessons , but after a while he will show his true colours . During lesson he will be very busy with his phone , often texting or calling away . I feel the least he can do is return the respect i show to him , i am not using my phone while driving right ? Every time i make a mistake , he will reprimand me and i will acknowledge my mistake and hopefully carry on bearing in mind not to repeat the same mistake again right ? But guess what , he will keep taunting you and i will acknowledge again and he will taunt again non-stop . Now imagine dealing with this for 10+ lessons ! Sometimes he will contradict himself , asking me to proceed and then stepping on his instructors brake . WTF ?! He will also make you not want to ask any questions regarding driving because he will often reply in a very condescending manner , making you feel stupid for even asking or when you want to be reminded of something he taught , he will raise his voice etc He is the typical ah beng lupsupobnoxious uncle that you learners(coming to this site , in the hopes of getting a nice private instructor) have nightmares about , trust me he is THAT very guy . Another thing to note is the condition of his vehicle , I was a SAF driver (didnt manage to convert my military license) so i have prior experience with old and unwieldy vehicles and let me tell you his car is one of the worst i ever drove . The clutch has a mind of its own sometimes stalling and coming back alive while i am at half-clutch . The brake i am not sure if he sometimes unknowingly depressed it but i often felt it fully depressed when i merely touched it . I always felt very drained whenever i know i was about to have a lesson with him and i think thats not the right to go about it . But of course , he has some good points too . For example for parking , he will teach you certain tricks that if you follow to the T , definitely will have no issues . As well as some general on-the-road tips . He is indeed very experienced but he can do better on the nurturing and communications side in my opinion .
- Anxiety

Totally agree with the above reviews

I had about 7 lessons with him and I was having all these thoughts that was mentioned above. Really thought i was the only one feeling like that until i randomly found this page. 1st few lessons he was really okay. BUT AFTER THAT WAS HELL. He keeps raising his voice and he is SUPER IMPATIENT I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Some people's learning capacity is different. We all need different amount of time depending on our capability. Yes i keep stalling my car once in a while I'm trying. AND HE DECIDED TO RAISE HIS VOICE EVERY TIME. I hit the limit where i yelled back at him and said i needed more time to find the biting point. He claimed that i "reduse to listen". I'm trying okay. It doesn't hurt for you to give a little encouragement and patience. LOL.
- qy

Pt 2.

I LEFT OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. His instructions ARE SO CONTRADICTING. He said learners must keep to the left. SO i kept that in mind and attempted to keep to the left. HE RAISED HIS VOICE and said "I NEVER ASK YOU TO KEEP LEFT WHY YOU KEEP LEFT". I think this sentence is enough for you to judge for yourself whether youu want to take lessons for him not. Personally i feel that if you were a license holder somehow it got revoked and you need a retest, you can go to him. But if you're a beginner i really dont recommend it. Unless you have a heart of steel. And be super garang. Now all i do is just nod my head to acknowledge his scoldings. I dont even bother arguing cuz I know I'll nvr win. I just want to get it over and done with.
- qy


He changed his handphone number already. The DONT EVER FIND HIM TO TEACH YOU TO DRIVE. He doesn't have the heart and mind to teach you. He just wants to earn your money and sleep/use the phone while you driving.

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