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Ang Pho Tho
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Stay away

This guy is impatient and likes to scold people. Stay away if you don't want to always be scolded.
- Anonymous

Doesn't care about you

Cons: -Always talking on the phone or watching his drama on his car tv -Gets very agitated too easily and scold yous when you make even little mistakes -Doesn't bother/not keen on telling your weak points -Takes long toilet breaks / Always ends lesson early by average 10min (eats your money) -Seems more interested in the well-being of his CAR than your actual driving
- Anonymous

Please think twice

More concerned about his car than for me. There was once he suddenly got so angry over a little mistake I made I was quite taken aback. When I told him that there was one lesson I can only commit for an hour due to work, he got angry at me again. Please think twice if you plan to engage Ang Pho Tho.
- Ayumi_Ayumi

Very strict

try to teach faster thats y getting tempered, good english speaking.. but need to bear with his scolding try your luck..
- Anonymous

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