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Ang Ngoh Eng
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Not a good teacher and can be annoying at times.

The good thing about Mr Ang is that his Wife manages his schedule and does all the admin work including send students reminders. so he never forgets a lesson. Wife will also stand in for him for up to half an hour in the carpark if he's running late. He's usually quite friendly and talks a lot of random stuff. Cons. Not a good communicator and gives bad advice. I find it hard to understand him as he often speaks from his perspective and not the learner's perspective. And then he nags and nags and demoralises you when he thinks you are not following his instructions. He also doesn't take note of what you have learnt or what you are doing for the first time. So coupled with bad Comm, it is really quite painful following his instructions at times. Bad advice. For instance he tells me no need to signal when overtaking and no need to check blind spot when switching lanes. He scolds me when I do so cos I probably over did it. But shouldn't he correct me on how to check properly rather than completely not do? I had to watch YouTube videos to learn how people do that shoulder check. Rather than teach what to look out for when parking, he asks you to memorise the secret markings in the circuit that don't exist outside. He doesn't let me figure out other more permanent markings. Just says pass first, even when I keep asking. And when there isn't enough precision eg when I vertical park and I need to adjust midway which I often see Drivers do, he doesn't tell me how to do it or allow me to even try. He just asks me to move on to the next obstacle. How do I learn like that? For my first test, the easy vertical parking was what killed me because I didn't know that I could readjust the car midway. After the test, I asked around. Eventually I did it on my own disregarding his protest and when I succeeded, he asked where I learnt that! I wonder if he's trying to make me fail.
- Passed on third try

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