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Ang Lian Ann
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Poor experience

Pro: 1. Gives proper instructions such as turn left or right. 2. On time/Punctual 3. Lets you try things out like stall engine etc. Con: 1. Does not bother to record student's progress, essentially means that he may forget what you have learnt and every lesson just seems like the previous one 2. Teaches very slowly, at 7th lesson, he only lets me turn left or right 3. Impatient
- Anonymous


This instructor--- PDI Mr. Ang Lian Ann, teaching at UBI AREA SUCKS: because he is very ineffective at teaching and is one of those teachers who impress upon you that they are just there to earn a quick buck. I have till date attended 7 lessons with Mr. Ang and when i compare my learning progress with my other friends who are picking up class 3 license, it is unbelievably slow. From lesson 1 to 7, all I have been doing is turn left, turn right. While my friends have already been learning how to maneuver on slopes and U-turning. But perhaps the most appalling thing about Mr. Ang is his inability to follow through with the precepts involved with being an instructor. As an instructor, I believe he is supposed to keep track of each student's progress. However, Mr. Ang has always not remembered who I am, sometimes asking me am I his student and where has he taught me. It is really very undeserving of him to become a PDI. I strongly urge you guys to bypass this PDI in the future. I have currently taken my 7th lesson and I plan to stop learning from him. Also beware that he will always take payment of 1 lesson extra in the case if you do not want to continue learning from him, payment for one extra lesson will be forfeited.
- mrngng

Ang Lian Ann

I recently pass my driving test class 3 under Mr Any Lian Ann. I do grateful for his effort for guiding me.I feel I am lucky to meet this instructor whom help his student through out the way to make them understand how to be a safe and confident driver
- Yeo

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