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Good but hard to book lesson

Willing to teach and corrects every mistake I made on the spot. But he has too many students, so when I want extra lesson, quite hard to book.
- Anonymous


Good instructor. Clear instruction, easy to communicate.
- echo

Lousy experience

Ang Hoe Guan is one of the pdi who wants to make the most money out of the students. I paid a total of $370 on the first lesson, $70 for enrolment and $300 for 5 lesson which are 2 hours long. Today is my second lesson with him and on both lessons, he wasted a lot of my time by asking me to stop at the side to have a drink and to eat bananas. Today, i started my lesson at 8.20pm and ended at 9.40pm, which is only 1hr 20mins but i paid for 2 hours. I learnt the same thing as my first lesson, which is to just go round and round the industrial site, but he always commented that i am good. He even said my next lesson would be the same thing, only difference will be the location. I asked if i can learn parking on my next lesson and he said no. And when i asked him can i book my TP, he said not yet. And i asked him when can i book?? He said minimum usually only after 25 lessons. Crazy right??? 25 lessons means $1500. Also, the way he teach blindspot from a stationary position on a double yellow line is also wrong and i know this as i asked a few of my friends. Its really good that people know about him beforehand before engaging his service. I know its not good to do this as he is already an old man trying to earn money. But his work ettique is wrong. One last thing i like to add on is, his work schedule is from 8am-10pm, 2 hours lesson and no break in between. Meaning he teach 7 students each day. When do u think will he the time he goes for lunch, dinner, toilet break, etc? All of his break comes from his students time which they have paid for it.


Passed on first try. P.s. To FSG please note that previous reviewer is clearly a self entitled prick. 2nd lesson want to learn parking, no money don't learn, just take the bus.
- Past student


Just passed on my first try. Kena scolded like mad during the practice with Ang but for good reason. Was over-prepared for my test and spent less than half the price of school. Private FTW! Thanks Ang!!
- Lee Kwan Yew


Passed my manual test on the first try with Mr Ang as my driving instructor. He is patient (although he has his cranky days sometimes) and teaches you things step-by-step. The key to the lesson is to always follow his instruction because he knows best (that is why you are paying him for it). He doesn't just rattle on about his lessons but allows you to ask questions. If you are confused after he said so much and experiencing overload, do not hesitate to ask him to repeat because he would prefer to repeat than for you to do something wrong on the road later on. Great experience with him and sometimes chatting along (when I was a more experienced driver of course.......) during the lesson which calmed my nerves a huge bunch. He can be naggy at times but it's all for your own good! For reference, I spent about a total $1.8k (including registration, getting the license, PDL, theory etc) so I think its worth it because in school you can spend up to $2.1-2.2k (for passing manual on first try).
- Just passed!

Strict but patient instructor

Mr Ang is patient when teaching and is very honest. Very good to talk to. I passed my practical on the first try, and was really prepared for the test. One point to note, he is converting to manual in Dec 2018!
- Hui jun

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