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Slow Learners Can Forget About Learning From Him

Cons: 1) Expects learner to know everything learnt in theory. Says things like "you should know this by now", "Don't think that you pay me then I have to teach you everything ah. You should learn it in your theory already.". Seriously, who remembers everything learnt in theory? This includes doing u-turns. He expects you to know how to do a u-turn by reading your theory. Then why is this called a practical lesson, I wonder. 2) Rude and discouraging. If you are young with slow reflexes, be prepared to be scolded all the time. He scolds and shouts, but does not teach and does not explain himself... because like he always says "you should know it from your theory". And he can be rough, for example, when (he thinks) you did not check the rear view mirror constantly, he will keep shoving his elbow at your arm while you drive. Then again, who says I have to turn my whole head to look at the mirror? I can just shift my eyeballs to look at the mirror. You don't see my eyeballs shifting does not mean I did not look at the mirror. While making a right turn at a T-junction, i checked the left and right side just to sure there are no cars (you know how there are crazy drivers around nowadays), also kena scolded by him. It was just a quick glance for safety, also scold...cannot tell nicely one. 3) He says driving is based on instincts, "humans are born with instincts, so you can drive, just use your instincts". Says who? It also takes time to develop that instinct. When ask him a question to clear my doubts, he says I am asking stupid question, or 'U should know it by now what." or "why are you arguing with me?". Excuse me uncle, I am just asking you questions and telling you my opinion so that, hopefully, you can understand why I made that judgement and tell me why it is wrong. I ask because I want to know, I need to know. I know what I did wrong, but I also need to know why and how I can do better next time. All he says is "why are you arguing with me?", but he is not able to explain himself on why I should not have done that. He does not teach, and worse, he cannot even give an explanation or solution. It seems to me like he is covering up the fact that he cannot teach/explain by asking the learner "why are you arguing with me?". Asking and arguing is different. Too bad he sees asking questions as trying to argue with him. I am still a learner. I know I made a mistake, so I feel that I don't have a right to argue with him. But I need to ask him to understand why my judgement was wrong. All he could say was "That was wrong judgement, why u still argue with me?". There are actually many points that I want to say but I shall keep it to myself for now. So generally, a learner like me pays him to guarantee my safety while I practise driving based on my theory and instincts. And cannot ask questions somemore, because he thinks I am asking stupid questions. I am sure he has taken many learners before, so he should know there are different types of learners. But by discouraging and not teach the learners (because "you should know your theory" nonsense again), this is not the way everyone learns. The only thing I got was feeling discouraged, hopeless and stupid after each lesson. The only thing he got for each lesson was getting angry at me and then happy again cos I got to pay him $48 (no matter how small the amount, it is still, $$$). So slow learners like me better don't find him as instructor because he is very impatient and discouraging (unless you are kind enough to give him money during each lesson even though you did not learn anything), and he does not teach because "you should have learn it in your theory". I wonder how he got his 40% passing rate (spf website Oct 2013 to Sept 2014 records) ...... I have read stories about instructors being rude and shout (vulgarities) at learners, and not being on time, cancel appointments last minute, etc etc. But this does not help the learners to learn. I want to learn driving and I am not afraid to seek help. But if the instructor only shouts and not teach, then why is he called an instructor? The word "instruct" means to tell someone to do something, and it also means to teach someone a subject or skill. I know what my weak points are (too many) but if you don't teach me, how am I going to learn and correct it to become better? Everyone is unique, so am I. Mr Ang always say this to me "Driving, you adapt to the environment." So, similarly, the instructor should adapt to the types of learners he takes in, and teach them. Pros: 1) Punctual, most of the time 2) Drives a Toyota Yaris, so probably easier to pass parking because it is smaller than other cars... (He said this during first lesson, not I say one) 3) Sticks to schedule timing, does not change last minute
- Yeo

Very bad Experience

Wish I had read the earlier review about this instructor. I had the exact same experience! Some of the issues: 1. Shouting at me instead of teaching me what I should do. Rather than telling me how I should do a u-turn. He would leave me to do what I was doing, and if it turns out to be a mistake, he'd yell at me. 2. Extremely unprofessional. He clearly wasn't paying attention on a number of occasions. And this happened not once, but several times. He would be glancing at his phone, at his scheduler, adjusting the radio or simply have zoned out. He even dozed off during one of my lesson. I think him not paying attention during the lessons meant that there were mistakes (e.g. turning earlier, or driving up into the pocket at the junction before turning) that could have been avoided if he had simply pointed them out in time. 3. Late. Unlike the previous reviewer, he was late for my lessons. Three times in a row. Once, it was even when I was the first student for the day. I would understand if I was one of the later lessons in the day. But when I was the first student for the day, and he was still late, it just seemed like was being irresponsible and tardy. 4. Unprofessional. Called me shit and told me that I was hopeless (after shouting at me for a full minute while I was driving). Friends have told me that instructors might scold and I would be fine with that. But for him, he would scold/shout/insult without giving any information on how to avoid making that same mistake or even teaching you the right way to say turn in time or when to slow down or how you can better make a u-turn. To say that I had "no sense" and "shit" (I quote), was just unprofessional and extremely unhelpful. If this is how he is going to be treating someone without giving any kind of helpful pointers at all, there is no way, I think I'll be able to learn or think that I'll be able to pass under his lessons. Lastly, I should have taken him dozing off on my lesson as a sign of how unprofessional he can be. I don't expect instructors to molly-coddle me, but I think the least they can do is to give pointers when necessary rather than leave you to make mistakes before yelling at you, telling you that you are dumb with no sense. I regret so badly taking lessons from him. And I really hope that this review might help others to avoid making the same mistake. If you're a fast learner with driving experience, then maybe he'll find his lessons alright. But really if you are already a good driver or a fast learner, what's the point of paying someone so much to learn. His fees (per hour) are a few dollars more than others. I guess there may be people who are happy to overlook just a few dollars, but with his attitude and unprofessionalism, I think those few dollars would have been very poorly spent on his lessons.
- Hr

Terrible Experience....

he was dozing off most of the time when i was practicing driving. He would do that especially at red lights. He is not sincere about teaching. And, he absolutely can't teach. All he does was shout when I made mistakes. He even attempted to slap my head. Yes, my head. He scratched my finger a couple of times when he was super angry at me for not being able to drive "properly" and he had to take over the steering wheel. during the driving lesson, he would always be angry ... scolding.. cursing...after the lesson, he would be nice and encouraging u and telling u nice things. i strongly feel that this is because he knows that he is gonna get paid, you know, everyone loves money. pros... .........
- blank_space

Never ever use him

Irresponsible douche who sleeps during lessons, wastes your time going for toilet breaks during lessons,buying food/drinks, takes his own sweet time going for break,impatient and rude attitude, always scolding then acts all nice after the lesson.
- This PDI sucks

Horrid driving instructor - never take

The good thing is he does pick up from Bedok. The bad thing is everything else. Always going for toilet breaks Doesn't give any tips or advice during lesson until you make a mistake Tells you you should already learn whatever was relevant during FTT Extremely rude, shouted at me multiple times Feels like he is dragging lessons to get extra money Huge registration fee, think i paid like 130 for registration or something - he cocks up some excuse for the extra reg fee. Greedy af Do not ever take him.
- Adrian

same as the other comments

this instructor always falls asleep, sometimes wearing a cap and shades to hide that, highly unprofessional. if you're looking for a challenge and you're the kind that's able to take scolding and harsh trainings, feel free to take him.
- john


he is terrible! unfair! trying to finish early! eating in the car! taking naps!!! going to toilet to often, by wasting your time! and most of the time he is late for the class!! he doest care about your time and money, average class was 1.10min or 1.15min (stealing 10-15min of your time)
- Anonymous

Terrible PDI

Terrible driver who doesn't bother teaching. 1) Always take toilet breaks which last for approx. 10-15 mins each time 2) Pump petrol during class 3) Doesn't bother if you have lessons for the next month. He claims "you should be booking" but if you book more than 6 classes with him, he will ask you to hold it off and book it after the 6th class. However, there won't be any slots anymore. It seems as though he doesn't want you to pass and would prefer you to learn as long as possible with him. 4) Doesn't teach you how to drive and claims everything is common sense. 5) He has no driving tips to share. I strongly do not recommend him as an instructor. He doesn't even deserve 1 star.
- Ong


not even qualified as an instructor. keep saying use common sense. if so easy, then i dun even need to learn from him. At t-junction, i just turn my head to make a quick check that got no cars coming, also kena scolded. he say : T-JUNCTION NO NEED TO CHECK! CHECK FOR WHAT ! THEN HOW U SEE IN FRONT !? wth... check for in case got some cars suddenly turn round the corner and appear also wrong ? useless faggot... keep dozing off only. and only scold and even wanted to hit my head!! Scratch my hands a few times when he took over the wheel from me. didnt even say excuse me or what. he just say WHY U SO STUPID? then his hands just take over the wheel. when i ask him to repeat his instructions for the first time, he SHOUTS INTO MY EAR ! and then say WHY U CANNOT HEAR AH. MUST I SHOUT THEN U CAN HEAR IS IT!! wth...i just ask to repeat the freaking instruction only right? cos he was mumbling...i couldnt hear shit from his mumbles. this driving instructor is a senior citizen. Bladder very VERY WEAK. ALWAYS TAKING TOILET BREAKS! waste my time and money. BUT HE IS NOT OLD AND SENILE. VERY WITTY IN FACT. when come to end of lesson and collecting money, he suddenly change his tone. he suddenly becomes so soft spoken, talks nicely, say nice things. VERY WITTY OLD MAN!! USELESS INSTRUCTOR!!
- annoymous


ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE INSTRUCTOR - JEFFREY ANG. He does not even deserve 1 star. Not possible to enter zero! His primary focus is getting your money. He cheated me out of a lot of money when I paid in advance for use of his car for my test. I ended up not using his car and he refused to pay me back... He takes money for not rendering a service which is unethical. I have had to file a police report and will be take legal action. Make sure you advise any of your friends to stay away. Every review on this page is extremely bad which tells you this is not an isolated case or incident. Be warned!!! He also does not tell you what you need to know to pass the test. It is not good business and he loses money if you do so he does the bare minimum. He is very lazy. I don't pay money for his to sit and play on his phone in the car. Also when doing parking he gets out the car to talk on his phone and chat with his friends which is rude and disrespectful. There should be guidelines for performance that stop/prevent such poor performance and unethical behaviour. Its hard enough getting a license in Singapore. Students are trying hard and spending a lot of money. Its a shame that they have to deal with opportunistic instructors like this that chase profits over anything else. Sad
- Michael

Horrible teacher

This guy is a horrible instructor. He was so tired he was falling asleep most of the time. He clearly tries to make as much money as he can by doing 12 hour shifts... if you want someone to actively help and teach you suggest you choose some else. I failed my test as he did not give me the required knowledge.
- Shirley

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