About PDIreviews.com

Who are we and why did we set this up?

PDIreviews.com was set up to help learner drivers engage a good private driving instructor as to save time and money vs the school route.

However, the problem is that teaching standards vary widely. Get a lousy instructor and so much more time and money will be wasted!

As such, this simple platform of user generated reviews was set up to help all of us make a better decision.

Since the platform was started in 2011, we have received tons of requests for us to recommend a driving instructor.

However, we have declined to do so as our wish is to remain a neutral platform with zero conflicts of interest. We have also chosen not to accept any advertising dollars from private driving instructors or schools.

The only thing we promote on here, is an eBook on how to pass the TP practical driving test with one try – we believe this will help you ace the test while helping us keep the lights on here.

So, it’s that simple – get a good instructor, learn the strategy to acing the practical driving test, drive safe, and most importantly, enjoy the process! 🙂 

All the best,


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