Abd Wahab bin Maidin

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Abd Wahab bin Maidin
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Overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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Not Exam Orientated

Pros Great upkeep of timing. Starts and ends lessons on the dot. He will not shorten lesson durations. Rarely cancels your lessons. Only in emergency cases. Not fussy about payments (he would not ask you to pay in advance for your lessons or circuits, collected on lesson day itself) Good clean car Does not smoke during lessons or does not have other bad habits Cons Gives a very basic guidance for driving, no further explanations. He will tell you only once that u have to follow this line, that line and reverse or park. And you have to memorise. He doesn't like to repeat. He will not bother explaining techniques. Does not give you any tips at all for passing the actual exam. Quite difficult to approach for questions. Even if we do ask, it will be a one word answer. He would be alittle agitated and we wouldn't even feel like asking him again. Conclusion For learners who don't mind an Instructor who talks minimum and those who can self study exam related techniques as their homework. Ultimately, all learners wish to pass first time and if your instructor isn't willing to push you through, you're gonna have to go through the Driving Test more than once. This instructor teaches but does not know how to make students exam ready.
- Honest Review

Free and easy

No pressure from PDI. teach you and let you explore your own
- Honey


Good pdi. Teach me good driving..
- Danial

Really Patient and Effective Instructor

Really good instructor. He is patient and let's you drive alot and doesn't waste time. Ask him questions during lessons and he is is helpful. When a method didn't work for me, he tried to find another way for me to be able to park more efficiently. Always on time for lessons. Encourages circuit lessons which helped me alot. Need to book his lessons in advanced as he gets booked early, I had to book my lessons 1 month in advance.
- Pie

good pdi

highly..recommend..thank for teach me good basic driving I just passed my tp test yesterday..
- Mohamad danial

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