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Very impatient and naggy.


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Avoid at all cost, i highly doubt anyone would be able to pass on first attempt under her guidance.


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Thanks to Mdm Yew, I can finally finally pass!!! Mdm Yew is very patient, and gave tips on how to control the car better.

Excellent PDI!

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She is really a good instructor! She remembers your strengths and weaknesses and will keep reminding you. She may nag some, that's because she genuinely cares and for your own good, to make sure you remember. I don't think she is touchy, and she is definitely NOT a pervert! She may tap on your thigh sometimes to ensure you don't release the clutch too early, but certainly not the way described by the previous reviewer. I'm a female too and I never felt this way at all. I'm saying these in all honesty as I don't want her good name to be tarnished.

Pervert female instructor - disgusting

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Pervert Yew was very touchy with me. She kept putting her hand on my thigh. Not only that, her hand kept touching against my privates as she helped me adjust my seatbelt, which I could very well do on my own. She also used her arm to brush against my breast. I have had several male teachers, none as pervertic as her. Yet she has the audacity to put 2 Buddha statues on her car. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME ON YOU! If any students want a cheap chill, go look for her. I feel so disgusted and traumatized. I will be making a police report. Screw her.

For those comfortable in Mandarin

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This PDI is for Chinese-speaking learners or at least comfortable in Chinese.


5 5 1
She is a very positive and good driving instructor. I do love her teaching way. She is a very caring and understanding driving instructor. She remember her every student very well and know what they have learn and what they haven learn by heart. Like she know what is my bad and what is my good. She will spent and try her best to spent her time to improve on what you are bad at... And before driving test she will encourage you and give you a very good warm up. She is ok with the timing her student want. Depend on her slot. and more is too much to say about her.


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Worst instructor. Period


5 5 1
Mdm Yew is a great instructor! She's enthusiastic, positive and most importantly encouraging. Definitely a good choice to have her as a driving instructor. Worthwhile and a very positive experience 🙂

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