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Yeow Teck Siong
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Too busy

3 5 1
Very busy schedule, no time to teach me properly Didn't want to book TP for me

Waste money

1 5 1
Pros, he got exp. Cons, he leeches money from student, always late, ends lesson before it ends, make u waste time in car as he drinks kopi, makes his trip back home as part of lesson, tries his best to drag lessons.

would not recommend

1 5 1
waste my time. Don’t want to book circuit for me and made me fail because I had little circuit experience, kept wasting my time, always late, always waste my money say need to go out on the road BUT WE DO NTH JUST DRIVING AROUND, should’ve took that money to book circuit but he doesn’t wait and claims to want to help me save money, unclear instructions and blame you for his mistakes worst person ever WOULD NOT RECOMMEND


1 5 1
Out to scam you. Always late and insist on driving on the road, doesn't want to book circuit. waste my time keep driving on road, say what need drive through all the 10 test routes, scamming my money. Always in the middle of lesson go bank withdraw money, buy food newspaper.


1 5 1
Worst instructor of all times!!! Always late for 5-10 mins every lesson and always dismiss you either on time or usually 5 mins earlier. There was once he came 25 mins late, he claimed that he waited for me at the wrong place. Upon arriving, it was almost past 30 mins. He said don't worry he will make it up to me but I'll have to drive him to buy his lunch first as he will be sacrificing his lunch time to make it up to me. Took another 10 mins to buy his economical rice. Driving was from 11-12pm. I only officially started driving around at 113am and the whole time he was just eating his rice. Dismissed me at 1210. Reallly don't understand where did he make it up to me?! Worst of all, horrible teaching experiences. Always ask you to adjust your mirror (for parking) so Low and so inwards that you can practically only see the whole body of the car and can't see anything around and even on the floor. Difficult to understand his UNCLEAR Instructions. Tolerated him for 10 lessons now I finally decided to take someone else. A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY!!!


1 5 1
Always use lesson time to buy food, go bank, do his car, etc and ALWAYS late. His schedule only allowed me to take lesson once a week. Super slow compared to my peers. And also, he has a 'deposit' fee on top of the registration fee which we have to pay on the first lesson. Spent alot of money on his lessons as he was just dragging on and refuse to book TP for me even when I was ready to take TP. Would not recommend.

Would not recommend

1 5 1
Would definitely not recommend this instructor. Instructor is as per what the other reviews mentioned but I thought its not a big issue for me so I just let it pass. However, as time goes by with many people giving feedback on my learning journey, I seriously feel this is not alright and therefore decided to share my experience and opinion here. First, he is full of himself. He will just tell you to follow his lesson plan and no need to ask what is he going to teach in the next few lessons. He will tell you what you will be learning on the day itself. (In my opinion, YOU NEED TO ASK! Generally, always ask the instructor for a proper plan before you start your learning journey with him. YOU DEFINITELY HAVE THE RIGHTS TO DO SO. If he's not willing to share, then my take is don't accommodate yourself because you will be led by the nose and left hanging there wasting time and money.) Secondly, as per what others mentioned, he is always 5 to 10 mins late for every lesson, and always do some other things like buying of newspaper, going to toilet, collecting some stuffs, talking to other instructors when he sees them. All these may seems small issues but every 10 mins is around $5 to $7 that YOU ARE PAYING! Also, he will tell me his schedule is very packed and will put me to 1hr lesson. So every lesson, deduct 10 mins of his lateness, doing personal stuffs, another 10 mins to ask me read the material before starting our trip, another 5mins to 10mins for "debrief"/collect money, my actual time on the road is only ard 35mins for a HOUR PAID Lesson. Not sure if reading of material is necessary but all experienced driver is telling me this is unnecessary. In fact, I also think the reading is unnecessary as I also don't understand while reading. Just on the road training is more practical. My opinion, don't go for 1hr lesson. ITS JUST WASTING OF TIME AND MONEY. ALWAYS PUSH FOR AT LEAST 1.5HRS. Lastly, I thought its my issue that I could not understand his instruction clearly. However, with the other reviews, I think it could be that his instruction is really unclear. I am not the smartest when it comes to driving and with his unclear instruction, its even worst. In conclusion, its all too late when I have all these realization (already spent too much to change instructor) but I hope I can share my experience with others who are deciding to take this PDI. My estimation would cost me around 1.8k to 2k (if i pass my TP on the first try). If I fail, I would definitely look for another instructor. Hope my reviews are helpful here 🙂

Very disappointed

1 5 1
Had one lesson with him, and he kept wasting my time. Arrived 5 mins late, then spent 15 mins waiting for a parking spot. Then we spent the next half hour doing admin work that should not even be done during lesson time. Honestly, the admin work would only take 10 mins, but he kept stopping halfway to talk to his friends, not even caring that i’m paying for his time. He made me read some terms and conditions, but i couldn’t find him after I was done as he had gone to the toilet without letting me know. Completely unprofessional and disrespectful. I’m glad I did not pay the deposit and enrolment fee, even though he kept showing attitude after I said I did not want to pay yet. In the end i only had 10 mins of actual lesson.

Slow pace and waste money

2 5 1
Very slow pace of learning. Made me go through more than 30 lessons even though I was a fast learner. Didn’t want to book TP for me. During lessons, he’s always late and take time off to do his own things like buying food, newspapers etc. 1h lesson at most 50 minutes. Could have saved money by going school instead.

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