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Nice instructor

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All his techniques of driving is very helpfull & easy to remember. Even though he likes to sleep but he only sleeps when he had the confident of you driving the car with safety. If you don't want him to sleep, make a conversation with him. He will talk & talk & talk. Nice & patience person. Pass TP 2 times in 4 mths. 1st time failed cause nvr follow his techniques of parking. Timing wise, need to really check with him & confirm. If you don't understand, you can just ask him. I am sure he is willing to answers all qns. Happy learning!!


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Dont ever take him. Trust me, regretting everyday. Cfm will fail tp


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Agree with other posters, he is useless and sleeps a lot during lesson. Scold me so much I think he must have had a very bad childhood. Or maybe feel powerful scolding people who are learning something. Trash guy I wish he suffer before dying.

Yeo Teong Aun

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Useless as hell. sleep all the time, with snoring as well. he teach both manual and auto means he has two cars so if youre taking manual and the lesson before you is using auto he needs to go home and switch car which will add into your time. and of course drags your lesson that means more money invest for nothing. his number is 92742818.

Scold and scold non stop

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Falling asleep while teaching. Telling useless story. Never praise student always scold and scold! Avoid it unless super no choice!

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