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Extremely bad experience

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Mr Toh is a irresponsible teacher who tends to forget that he has lessons and likes to cancel his student's appointment at a last minute notice.He does not reply to your messages but expects you to do so immediately when he wishes to cancel your lesson. He is short tempered and is very sarcastic in his teaching, making it very difficult to learn from him. Also, he only converses in Mandarin and expects you to be able to understand his lingo. He takes in too many students and thus it is very hard to book lessons with him. I strongly discourage anyone from attempting to learn driving from him.

One of the better ones

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Mr Toh was introduced to me by a friend. He is mostly patient and goes at your pace. He is also one of the rare instructors who will honour the lesson timings. He was once late and paid back the 0.5 hour by extending the duration of the lesson. I also had to stop roughly 4/5 times in my entire time for him to use the toilet/post a letter, all of which took less than 2 minutes. He will scold you when you do something that is wrong and damages his car (breaking too hard, causing the car to repeatedly stall, pulling up the handbrake wrongly). Otherwise, minor mistakes such as the turning of steering wheel while stationary will not be pointed out. He expects you to know the theory beforehand. Thus, if you are unclear, you must ask (be prepared for a uncle-style answer). I failed my first test because I was not taught/did not learn the checking of blind spots accurately. Expect to take at least 15 lessons (12 road, 3 circuit, total 20 hours) before asking for his NRIC to book the test. I bore the brunt of an intense nagging session when I suggested taking the test on my 8th lesson. Rates are $50 one-time registration $45 for 1.5 h (non-peak) $48 for 1.5 h (peak) $78 for circuit (1h circuit, 0.5 h normal) $315 for test day ($78 circuit, $16 BBDC parking fee, $220 for rental of car and insurance) I took the extra $1 to be a tip for him. In total I spent $1641 with him. (would have been $1326 had I passed the first time round) Registration: $50 7 off peak: $315 7 peak: $336 4 circuit: $310 (2 lessons were $77) 2 test: $630

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