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Mr Tan is a really endearing instructor who's good at teaching. If you are to check Traffic Police's site, you'll see his passing rate is pretty high. (close to 70% ) But importantly, he is very sweet and doting on his kids, never scolds unless you really screw up or behave badly e.g. throw a tantrum, late for circuit etc. He emphasizes on where students fail often, and his car is easy to drive (new with good steering). For girls, Mr Tan respects you a lot and will ask if you're okay with him pulling your hands when correcting steering, or patting your head when you do well. Plus he will lecture you about behaving properly in society. (we usually end up really close with him - eat dinners with him, hug him etc) Notably, he never cheats you of money/time and makes sure to arrange circuit timings properly so that they do not overlap and you get the most of your money. Other tips: he only teaches in Chinese* and usually accepts student referrals, less of phone call enquiries. A pro tip though, is for you to call and ask really sweetly and sincerely, theres a chance he that he is too nice to refuse you. Be really nice to him and he will dote on you 🙂

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