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Not recommended

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Ask too many personal questions instead of giving pointers on driving. Can you imagine 1st time learner instead of focusing on the road I have to answer stupid questions. Totally not professional at all. Am still doubting his creditbilty of teaching. Good PDIs are hard to book. I was allocated by an agency to this pdi. One word to describe REGARD.

EXTREMELY irresponsible

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EXTREMELY IRRESPONSIBLE PDI. He WASTED my time and money after 25 sessions. I discovered how much he ridiculously shortchanged my when I returned to SSDC and took school lessons from real competent instructors. Below are some points I seek TP to investigate, and please remind him this is NOT the WAY to treat any paying learners! If I can, I REALLY want a REFUND for all my TIME and MONEY I wasted on him. Please also investigate the referral agency (I searched on the internet in April 2017) who connected me to him as I understand only very recently that such referral agency is ILLEGAL! 1) He screamed at me at the top of his lungs for only asking a question! I onced asking if directional change could be done from another direction and he just screamed at me to "SHUT UP!!!" (in mandarin) and not ask this question, and just obey him. 2) He did NOT teach me about the ramp-pole test component in circuit UNTIL I asked about it. And he scolded me NOT to question him on what to teach and what he has yet to teach, insisting he know what he was doing. I trusted him and he still DIDN'T teach me about ramp-slope until ONLY 1 DAY before my TP test in 20th June 2017. I only tried the ramp TWICE before going to TP. Needless to say, I failed badly at that component during the test. 3) On the morning of my TP testing itself on 20th June 2017, he INSULTED ME AGAIN and AGAIN during my 'revision' lesson, reminding me how hopeless and useless I am, and how teaching me makes him "vomit blood". 4) On the morning of my TP testing itself on 20th June 2017, he told to hold on to my set of documents and showed me to the waiting room, and DID NOT tell me I need to pass a document to the TP. So I waited for over and hour until I am left ALONE in the waiting ROOM! and I and TOTALLY hungry and anxious and affected my performance. I only got to test when I felt something was amissed and approached the staff at SSDC. 5) Throughout my 25 session with him, he made on many occasions EXTREMELY racist comments against the Indian and Malay community. This made me very uncomfortable, even when I am not Indian and Malay. He used vulgarities on them often as well. Singapore is a multi-racial society, and all races should be respected. He should not be making these racist comments. 6) He instructed me to make clearly illegal U-turns during the course of my lessons with him, I hesitated but still did fearing scolding from him. 7) He slept when I was driving until I had to wake him up. 8) He switched on the radio so loudly during lesson, to a point that I cannot hear his instructions. When I tried to lower the volume of his radio, the scolded me not to do it. 9) He keep insulting my profession (almost every lesson), saying it makes me a lousy driver, which I think has totally nothing to do with my driving.


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The worst PDI. So, I found this PDI through a website and the rates that they quoted me was $36/hr for non-peak and $38/hr for peak. The TP ranged from $250 - $350 depending on the type of car the instructor drove. The first few lessons was okay.. He is a little rude and don't bother asking question because he will scold. The only thing that I dislike was that I had to book 1 1/2 hours MINIMUM. So, 1 lesson cost $54 for a non-peak. After a few lessons, I realized he started charging me different rates. There was a time I took a non-peak period and he tried to charge me $38/hr. Thankfully I only had the exact amount($54). There was another time he charged me $40/hr for peak rate and I paid $60 on that because I didn't have the exact amount-__- I closed one eye about him charging me different price cause I thought like a few dollars shouldn't matter as long as I get my license. He also kept asking me to buy 15 CIRCUITS. 15 okay. He kept saying 'Zhen fu' which means government and insisted that they said the minimum number of circuits a student must take is 15. Everyone that I know has their license and only took 3-5 circuits. Like WTF. So I took like 10 lessons so far and he asked me to book my TP date. I did and stupidly didn't ask how much does TP cost. Until my most recent lesson, I asked him and he told me that TP cost $390. I was SOOOOO angry. He kept telling me its GOVERNMENT POLICY. LIKE WHAT GOVERNMENT POLICY CHARGE $390 WHEN OTHER CARS CHEAPER. Sorry, I'm still angry. I've decided to change instructor because THIS FELLA HAS NO BLOODY INTEGRITY AND IS JUST RIPPING MY SOUL AWAY. Ps, I asked the people who allocated me this cheat and they told he changed his rates to $38(non-peak) and $44(peak). TOTAL BS.

Stay FAR away from this PDI

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Crazy man! Screams at students and sometimes fall asleep while I'm driving. Don't allow student to ask question. Don't reply to SMS. Insults student the morning revision just before TP test, which I failed. Whoever matched him to me I want a refund for this referral.

Willing to teach

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I passed my test with 1st attempt under his coaching. He is willing to share, trying his best to teach. Definitely recommended.

You won't regret it

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I passed my TP with 12 lessons under Mr Tan. I am grateful for his patient guidance and useful advice! I tend to be quite careless at times, and his nagging is helpful in reminding me to stay safe on the road. He arranged regular lessons for me, allowing me to pass TP in just 2 months and 10 days. Don't heed the negative reviews on this page. Only losers book lessons under pussy instructors that are nice and sweet when they teach you. Find one that can get you that license in as few lessons as possible. Listen to me!

Always on his mobile

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I only know him as Mr Tan before today, he was recommended by my sister in law to do refresher. Pretty expensive at $65/hr, his mobile is always ringing, super busy man. I used his car only once, second time to use my own car, then discontinued the teaching.

Not recommended

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Very busy hard to book lesson No patience in teaching Easily distracted

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