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Very shitty and was money for a living

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Very bad guy, take test one time is $450. When I asked him what made up the $450, he said the standard insurance for car and miscellaneous is 300+, lesson and circuit before is 91, but still not sure how he got 450. Then I asked him what else is charged because it didn’t add up, he say “parking and other things.” What a slob?? Spits in his car as well. Worst part was that he didn’t want to tell me what actions incurred points. All he said was if i committed such an action he’d tell me. BUT GUESS WHAT?? I was never told to check the mirror before slowing down and before turning. So I never did it before. Not during the exam as well. SHITTY?? I got real lucky with my tester who let me pass. Really bad and not recommended. And the usual ending lessons early and being late often and sleeping in the car. I’d get scolded for jamming the brake bc he’d be waken from his nap. But if he didn’t nap during my lesson I wouldn’t have jammed the brakes?? He asked for it. Real money faced. Sabo only


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Always try to cheat money! Insist on 1.5 hr lessons and always end 15 min earlier. Very rude and impatient. Very unprofessional too, never wear seat belts while tecahing


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Impatient guy, and his instructions are not very clear. Always tries to cheat money.

Not worth

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He helped me pass, but the car is filthy and I had a bad experience overall

Bad tempered

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Very bad mood while teaching (depends on mood). Instructions not explained and not clear. Mr Soo Lai Chuan reluctant to let student book 1 hour as he prefers 1.5 hr.

Can't find anyone worse

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Unclear Instructions. Sleep while teaching. Likes to con for more lessons for money. Bad attitude. Rude. Cares more about his car than this students. Never punctual. Always assumes that he is right.

Lousy attitude

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Very lousy attitude Instructions were unclear Insist that he is always correct

Not a good instructor

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Very bad attitude while teaching (depends on his mood), instructions not explained and not clear, reluctant to let student book 1hr as he prefers 1.5 hr.

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