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- Messed up schedule - Switch between brother and himself ( they have different teaching techniques ) - Always on the phone. Watching series some times. Busy scheduling other driving schedules. - Last minute instructions VERY DANGEROUS - Never ever give you priority to learn parallel / vertical parking. LAST BUT NOT LEAST - I strongly advise you not to engage him. Waste of your money.

Waste of money and time

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Like everyone else on this forum, I have to say, Song is a terrible terrible instructor. He does gives tips and times but whenever you’re unsure and check with him again, it seems like you’re talking alien language and he rarely gives back the answers you want. My very first lesson with him got cancelled because he had placed me and another student in the same time slot. I thought its only this time but it happened to me 2 other time as well. I have to complain for him to take extra note of it. But i still have to give him calls a day before lesson to remind him. His brother is a muuch better instructor but I was always pushed to Mr song cause he claimed to be ‘ full-time’ and he sucked. Have yet to take my driving test, its in 10days. I estimated around 21/22 lessons w them in total for around a total costs of $2000+. Goodbye my money.Goodluck to me. Do not want you to face the same thing as me please read all the reviews and not waste your money on this instructor. He sucks.

Not too great of an instructor

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I remember Mr Song being my driving instructor years back (about 3 years back) and it was quite a bad experience to be honest. Looking at the reviews now I'd say he hasn't changed much. He doesn't remember what he had taught you, and yet is strict as hell sometimes but at the same time he can't be bothered at all. By at all I mean, I remember him watching youtube videos while I drove and him being kinda mean to me (saying I was a bad student, kinda hitting me with a rolled up newspaper when he was pissed off etc)... just don't waste your time, I'm sure there are far better (and cheaper) driving instructors out there

Don't waste your time and money!

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It was my first time taking driving lessons from him and his brother. Totally wasted my money because I always get different teachers (between the two brothers) and both of them taught different things and review my progress differently. I wasn't making any improvements at all. Yes, they are nice people but I have been learning the same thing over and over again because the "clash" of lessons. When I texted him to book my lessons, there were no replies. When he is teaching, he's constantly on the phone; making appointments and writing on his book.


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MR Song was my only instructor,that was 11yrs ago. My driving schedule was always punctual and he took a lot of effort to guide me and gave me many tips. No doubt, i managed to pass on second attempt! I remembered he tried to get circuit slot that fit my schedule. Maybe nowadays, too many students he took in a day and schedule mixed up.

Horrible comments

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Guess today he not in gd mood. When i make some mistakes, he gives hurtful comment "u must b giving birth too much till no brain!" I don't recommend to take him if you need a patient instructor. He will accuse u for not picking up the phone (my phone not even rang!). He has put aeroplane on me 2 times... is he reliable or nice? I guess u can read all the comments from others. He will demoralized u till u don feel like learning driving.


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Passed on my first attempt. 2points. Says it all. 🙂

Pros and Cons: Mediocre

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He has some certain tips about passing the tests. His car has all the marking so you can remember how to align for different driving actions which is quite helpful. There are also list of common test routes and most important points to note during test. I'm not sure if others PDI has the same or not because I only learned from him. I did pass on my first try, which I think it's partially from his lesson but also from my luck on the day with a kind test conductor. Yes, he's quite careless in the lesson, lots of message, phone calls, reading news. From about lesson 5th onward when you can manage, it feels like just renting his car for 90% of the time. Some cancellation and late show from time to time. He has his brother to substitute as well but his brother is much better teacher with method and care. Overall, nothing special, slightly below average. But it can be your choice if you have no other and you need pick up/drop off from Hougang MRT!

Shitty instructor

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I wouldn't give a single star if it were possible. Wasted time and learnt crucial things only minutes before my test. Tends not to remember your progress and isn't very helpful at all. Constantly on his phone and gives last minute directions. Shameless as well, time wasted with him. Will not recommend at all.


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He's an irresponsible instructor. He tend to forget your lesson and you need to give him constant reminders few days before your practical lessons. If not you might just waste your whole day for nothing waiting for him. He doesn't initiate to teach circuit skills, you gotta ask him to book the lessons for you then he will book. Initially he told me I don't have to spend so much money going in circuit so many times, but when my test is approaching, he told me I need minimum 10 circuit lessons and asked me to transfer him money before he proceed to book circuit lessons for you. He tend to direct you while you're driving at the very last min when you're at the traffic light which might cause inconvenience to other drivers on road. I encountered a few times where he asked me to turn right and after I turned, he claimed that he ask me to turn left. During the lessons, he always use his phone and it's as good as you paying him the money and driving on your own. He's the worst instructor I've encountered and it was le driving instructors Singapore that recommended me to him. Previously he had many complaints from what I heard from the operator after I complained. So why the hell did they even recommend me to him?! So much for giving feedbacks yet the instructor is still the same. I demand a refund but they claimed that they can't do so because the circuit lessons have been paid. So it's as good as I'm paying all these while for nothing.


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he is a con artist, asking you to pay 300 in advance for 10 circuits lessons... his brother is way better than him though.

Don't even bother

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Very irresponsible instructor. I got lucky to pass on my first attempt with him, but I needed the help of my dad and YouTube. He expects you to know everything magically, especially in the circuit, and says a lot of confidence shattering comments. Always late for at least 10 minutes and always tends to forget your lessons. If you are a slow or step-by-step learner, my advice to you is to steer away from him. His explanations are as good as useless. Also, if you are learning 3A, his car is a small mazda 2, and every 1 out of 3 lessons we will have to make a stop to pump petrol. Simply annoying, because he doesn't pay back the 10 minutes spent at the petrol kiosk. He also doesn't pay attention when you're driving, and perhaps the most pissing part about this guy is that he cares more about the cosmetic and functional condition of his half-past-six car than sincerely helping you to improve on your weak areas. I got very lucky because I sought external help. Having him alone is risky. JUST STAY CLEAR FROM HIM!

Mess up my schedule

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MY advice is don't learn from him unless u r those full time student got lots of time on hand. He always mess up schedule and cancel my lesson

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