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Fast and efficient

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Managed to pass my first time, he will scold and nag at you (for your own good) but he does it so that you will remember all the mistakes that you make. He may be abit pricey, but I Ensure you that he is an excellent instructor.

Reason why he has high passing rate

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He charges above average for his lessons compared to other PDI in my search. Over the phone, he communicates well and is willing to accommodate my odd learning hours (Early AM and Late PMs) so as not to affect my work hours so I engaged him (other PDIs only do office hours and no weekends slots.) Will scold (for your own good) and chat with you so as to prepare you to multi task and react fast and is relatively patient. Of course as a learner you must be adaptive and open to learning (or scolding if that's what you might feel) and you will learn fast. I had poor clutch control, poor road discipline and I actually made all the possible mistake a rookie can make so he is constantly nagging at me. The plus side to this is that because lessons are held at actual test routes, it actually helped me to "remember" my mistake during the TP test as I actually remembered what not to do instead of getting nervous. After 15 lesson, I passed on my first attempt. My weakness was the circuit and I took 7 circuit practices out of the 15 so while it wasn't "cheap" for me to learn but I passed on my first attempt and save having to spend more for retest. I now know why he has a high passing rate among his students.

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