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Poh Kok Seng Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4.2 based on 8 reviews
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Friendly in the first place, later he started to show his true colours. No patience at all. Engage him at your own risk.

Effing good private instructor

5 5 1
Might feel overly friendly or talkative to some people, but he teaches damn well, helps you save money, and really cares about helping you pass on your first try. Highly recommended.

Patient driving instructor

5 5 1
If you want to learn in a stress-free environment then he is the perfect driving instructor for you. He is very patient and tells you the mistakes you made in a calm manner. He also tends to talk and joke abit which lightens the mood. Very good driving instructor!

Chinese speaking

3 5 1
Even thou i did not engage him, however when i rnquire, he very fast to response and project a friendly bubbly tone. Sadly, he cannot speak english.

Nice 1

5 5 1
I 1 time passed!!! He is a kind and patient man...


5 5 1
Managed to pass my TP yesterday with 6 demerit points on my first try. Don't like bad tempered instructor yet a professional one? He is definitely the 1 to go to! He will teach you all the required technique to score as low as near to zero. With approximately 40 years in this sector, who dare to doubt his ability in grooming his student well? He is nice & he don't bite, contact him if you need an instructor! +1


5 5 1
I manage to pass my tp on first attempt with him !teaches you all the tricks and techniques in and outside of circuit ! definitely worth it !

Worth it

5 5 1
Under him i managed get 8 demerit points and first time pass. Before my test he told me not to break his combo of 12 passing streak. So when i pass i add on to his passing streak to 13. Most importantly, he has no temper. There is a few times i almost got into an accident but he never ever flare up at me. He may come across to some of you as quite an eccentric uncle but he is a funny uncle. He has a habit of singing in the middle of your lesson. The downside is that he always take 10 minutes smoke break in the middle of your lesson, so probably you will have only 50 minutes lesson out of the 1 hr lesson time. Despite the downside, he is really a reliable instructor that is well worth your money. In total i spent around $1200( including a gift i gave him for my pass, he likes XO so you guys know la, lol!)

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