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Fucked up instructor

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Overcharging like fuck and still has the cheek to talk to you about moral values every lesson. Every lesson also fall asleep and instead of answering your questions, he condemns you by insulting you and putting you down. A big no no if you're lookinng for a teacher

Bad experience

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Totally cheated of money and time

Scam money

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No doubt he teaches well, and you can learn very quickly especially when it comes to parking. However, he constantly falls asleep, is rude, not willing to answer too many questions. Charged me so much money for registration and the test. Kept asking for so many unnecessary lessons. Total scam.

Worst instructor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do not even bother to call this instructor's mobile number to look for driving lesson. Extremely rude even when I am simply asking a question about driving. Would receive sarcastic words and discouraging insults every single lesson. And brag about how good he is as an instructor. Unhappy with everything. Does not even bother to set an example, does not fasten seatbelt and would call traffic police on the road "stupid" when he sees them. Last lesson I had, he allegedly pulled out my PDL from the appointment card and asked me to get out. When asked why, he simply said, he is not happy with me, and he finds that I am hard to teach. He said, and I quote "it is similar to teaching tuition, when the tuition teacher buay song with the student, the teacher will ask the student to leave, this is why I am asking you to find someone else" he said to me. I do not know how he got that impression of me with me putting up with his sarcastic and rude attitude most of the time, without ever retaliating at him. always nodding my head and saying "ok" even though his words made me uncomfortable. After a short debate with him in his car asking him why he is doing this, he finally took out the $80 "enrolment fee" and returned it to me. Would not be surprised if I see this man fired one day. Hope CDC can be more alert and careful before hiring instructors. Peter Ong Thiam Chai may have been an instructor for more than 30 years according to him, it does not mean that he might be Hope this guy gets to learn a harsh lesson one day. I would say he deserves it.

Scaming Money

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Just to share with you all if you all encounter any drivers like this please be aware. He is very rude when I am asking question about driving. Further more, I was told that I would only need to pay a registration fee and for the lesson itself which is 36/hr. But after lesson he told me, I needed to pay another 80 dollar for maintance fee. I asked around if other driver charge this fee. All of them replied NO. My friend called and confronted him. He immediately apologize and quickly hang up the call. Please take note guys he is trying to scam your money for the so call maintenace fee

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