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For you to decide

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I totally agree with what the others say about Mr toh, the assistant instructor. All the not giving a damn and just want to wast your time, all the self proclaimed toilet breaks he had. He did not teach me to lcheck for blindspot or the other common things that you should take note during driving. I’m not sure whether the others had this experience of Mr Toh putting his hand over yours to turn the steering wheel? But personally I’m just super not comfortable with that and I’ll pull my hand back immediately and sometimes he’ll tell me to put my hand back at the steering wheel. Okay back to Mr Ong, I had 17 lessons with him before my first test and most of my lessons are on a weekly basis because, yes, he’s very busy. Oh and I think a good 7 or more lessons were with that Mr Toh. I had 2 practices in circuit before the test (could have more but mr Ong said that it’s better to go circuit when the test date is nearing. But when the date is nearing our schedule can’t be matched. So I was really not familiar with the circuit and I failed miserably, missed the turn that the tester asked me to turn at etc. Anyways, I failed my first test and proceeded to have another 5 lessons before my next test. Passed on the second time with 10 demerit points. Really glad to have this over and done with so I don’t need to try to squeeze in driving lessons into my schedule and all. Mr Ong will tell you what to look out for during the test, but he’s legit very busy. Sometimes I think if you’re not confident for circuit, just tell him that you insist to go to circuit for practice more (better to have more practices than to take the test again!) He’s a not bad instructor I guess but 2-stars because of Mr Toh and his busy schedule so booking a lesson is a huge trouble.

Good and patient instructor

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Mr Ong is patient and although he taught me parking the wrong way (steer first while vehicle is stationery), I passed my class 3a on my first try. I had about 20 lessons including 2 circuit sessions). Saved me a lot of money..switched from BBDC as it was hard to book after work hours slots. Mr Ong was busy and asked a mr Toh to take over sometimes. Please refrain from Mr Toh unless you want free reign on how you drive. I had a couple of lessons with him. But mostly I told Mr Ong I prefer not to have him. Considering how klutzy and slow I am, I would give Mr Ong 5 stars despite wrong parking technique but I passed!

uh no, just no.

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i failed two time under Mr Ong. His work ethics sucks, as his appointments for driving students is very ad-hoc. so you don't get a fixed day of the week to attend driving lesson. he doesn't let you start early because he thinks there no need and is a waste of time and money. on the the day before my Driving test, i ask him specifically am i going to be using his car, and he assured me that i am. but the morning of my test, told me that he is going to let me use his partners' car because his car broke down. like what? and to add, his partner; Mr Toh will teach you first because Mr Ong is always busy. The thing is , Mr Toh falls asleep while teaching so you really have to be careful. lol My second test, he refused to let me practice one more time due to his busy schedule . in other works, his ad-hoc schedule really needs to change or it can be tiring and unhealthy and waste of money to driving students.

Good but waste money

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I engaged Mr Ong for my class 3 license but for most of the lesson isbtaken by his assistant which clearly just "teach for a living and pass time" he dozed of at teaching, went to the washroom 5/7 lessons end earlier 5min sometimes even 10min. Toward ending go back carpack turn around just to wait time up. Teach parking never guide properly did not advise to adjust mirror what to watch out for just turn and brake for you. 0 effort for him. Then i requested stop passing me to his assistant he teach me afew but lessons is alwayd twice a week. If he have no much time to teach can just let the people know not for earning money ignore the student. He told me 1 circuit is enough i asled for another before my tp he gave me 1 1 night before and i failed badly in circuit. As my circuit is always at the night time but day time test is quite different.he do so cause he got no time. I seriously not recommend this instructor

impressive instructor!

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At first when i engaged Mr Ong, he taught me for the first lesson but assigned me to his assistant instructor for lessons 2 to 11. I was a little worried as i engaged him because i heard good reviews about him, but disappointed only to be assigned to another assistant that i didn't like. However i later understood that Mr Ong will only start teaching his students when it is a few weeks before their TP. This is because he is really too busy with many students, i believe. Anyway i only took 2 lessons with him before my TP, and only 2 circuit practices, 1 week before my TP. Mr Ong was very systematic in his teaching and was firm yet gentle. He taught me all i needed to know within those 2 lessons, and i passed my TP with just 10 points! I was so worried because i havent been to the circuit until 2 weeks before my TP.. But Mr Ong taught me well. Thinking back, the only regret was taking too many pointless lessons with the assistant instructor. 3 lessons with Mr Ong would be enough. Thanks Mr Ong!

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