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Give me good practice

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Taught me drive manual car. From the first day brought me out to the road and not stay in the carpark like my previous instructor. Heard he does the same for my other friends who learn to drive automatic from him making us confidence to driving. Also he never take registration fee which I like very much.


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I yst pon class go learn drive. Np to woodlands far mah. I ask him pick me up at np. Wahh sialat eh... He all the way ask me intro girl to him all.

bodoh la sial

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wah he tell me how to get cheap cheap at geylang all


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Told me a Taiwan prostitute charged him $80 but charged a Chinese guy $300 and some other sex stories.

A big no!

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What an asshole!

Naggy but good

4 5 1
Good, help me pass first time. Naggy, but can be a good thing cause helps me to take note of my errors.

Would recommend

5 5 1
1) Ensure that you learn progressively according to skill level 2) Focus on improvement and highlights mistakes 3) Flexible on schedules and may provide pick up and sending depending on location and pricing. 1) May be a little more costly than others 2) A little too particular on teaching method/instruction

Passed thanks to him

5 5 1
Really experienced and patient.

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