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Perfect instructor

4 5 1
he is understanding and could accomodate to your schedule, tbe tips that he teaches is mainly straightforward and he reminds you in a friendly manner. Passed the second time altho the first time was my fault that I failed, but nevertheless a good instructor and highly reccommended!! If you are staying nearby, he will drive to your house to meet you too, grratly appreciated.


5 5 1
Good instructor. He may be a bit naggy, but it helps me in remembering important details. He is very on time as well. Female learners can feel safe and comfortable when learning from him.

Good Instrutor

5 5 1
Switch to him(3auto) after 2 times fail in 3manual. passed after <10 lessons. Nice person.

Best PDI

5 5 1
He has taught me life values as well as driving skills. Changed my intructor after failing and passed first time under him!

Superb Instructor

5 5 1
Passed my TP today only with 4 weeks of lessons with Mr Ng. He is extremely experienced and knows all the tips & tricks for the test, both on the circuit and on the road. He keeps reminding me to check my blind spots at every single turn, even when moving off at a traffic light. But most importantly, he is very patient, friendly and encouraging. Whenever you make a mistake, he will nag a little (in an friendly tone) but never scolds you; instead, he will explain how to avoid the mistake again. Mr Ng is never late (he's always there 5 min before each lesson) and is very responsible. Unlike what I heard from other friends about their instructors, Mr Ng doesn't waste your lesson time by teaching you redundant things, or going to the toilet/posting letters etc. He is a very dedicated instructor and I am very lucky to have found his contact. I highly recommend Mr Ng to everyone! However, do note that he is perpetually full because he is quite a popular instructor, so do call early!

Good instructor

5 5 1
Passed only on my third time. He is really patient but sometimes likes to nag and speaks in Hokkien(he can also speak Chinese).

Wonderful Instructor 22/03/2016

5 5 1
Fail or pass is on our own, Mr ng can teach and know how to teach, Mr you do a great job!thank you!

Highly recommended PDI

5 5 1
I passed my TP with 8 demerit points today and really appreciated my instructor Mr Ng. He is very nice, patient and experienced, whats more important, he always encourage you and increase your confidence by his way which turned out to be extremely important during test. Mr Ng really know what I need to improve and teach me the way I can learn and understand. Actually I had 8 lessons with other PDI before I enrolled in Mr Ng's course. My previous instructor was really impatient and lack of teaching skill (maybe they are good at driving, but not teaching).Anyway, it was waste of my time and money for the 8 lessons. I just regret that I should call Mr Ng at first. In short, if you need to find a good instructor, I will strongly recommend Mr Ng.

Excellent PDI

5 5 1
I just passed my TP (auto) with 10 demerit points today. Mr Ng is a very patient instructor and willing to spend time and effort to go through each mistakes that I make during lesson. He is never late and he does not release me early for any lessons. In fact, he gave me extra 5mins on certain days! He allows me to visualise properly by providing me with road maps with diagrams and clear instructions pre-written down on a piece of paper. He is constantly there to remind me to check my blind spots and making sure I drive safely.

Failed to teach blindspots

3 5 1
Never teach me all those safety checks like checking blindspots, failed my first test cos of that.

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