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Please beware of this gangster like instructor

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Before i even enrolled into his lessons, we agreeded on 3-4times a week lesson as long as i advance booking. I even told him i am rushing for my lessons and license as i will be giving birth soon so i will need lessons 3-4times a week. Once i comfirmed going to his lesson, i used his IC to book TP Date. Despite me trying to advance book but he kept delaying, and refuse to let me advance book. The maximum i could book from him is 2times a week and most of the time once a week.In the end i always end up with those "weird" timings like 7am. NEVER MIND. When i ask him last week when would i be learning parking as my dad was concerned on why i havent learn parking yet when my Traffic Police Test date is on 1 November. He flew into a rage and say i cant drive properly yet want to learn parking. Say my dad so celver ask him to teach me. I dont need to teach him how to teach. All these words are quoted word to word from him. I wanted more lessons from him and he just tell me come weekday morning/noon. I told him its very hard for me to come weekday morning/noon as i have kids and i need someone to help me take care kids while i go for lessons. Then he said i also very hard because i have so many students. Im doing a business. Then i told him how about advance booking+ payment so if i put his aeroplane he can keep the amount. He refused. So, my husband called him up and verify about early booking for my driving lessons. He replied that he gave two lessons a week, how is it not enough. Then he told him that as my TP is approaching, he was very angry and said that he didnt like my husband attitude when i can vouch that he talked nicely to him. And this instructor shouted at him over the phone saying I didnt even ask you to book your TP date. And he then said he didnt like his attitude of talking to him when he talked to him nicely. And my husband was very angry and told him you are the boss but im the customer, i have the right to ask. Then he said, you are the customer so what? And said again i dont like your attitude, i very dulan*all these he said in teochew* . He even provoke my husband and me to go down where he is to "talk". He said this in teochew "You dont talk to me like this, i very dulan, you come down now and talk". Not Steady! Cant deliver what he promise! Im very sure that he dont even intend to let me go TP! NOW i`m screwed, My TP in 3 weeks and I HAVE TO FIND A NEW INSTRUCTOR!! This instructor teaches in BBDC! PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS GANGSTER LIKE INSTUCTOR, NG BENG CHOON,HP NUMBER 90085050, DRIVING BLACK HONDA CITI, CAR NUMBER s5050 . If you are like me seeing his percentage, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. BE PREPARED TO END UP LIKE ME.

Don't waste your money

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some things i experienced : - he goes for break of 10-15mins every lesson without fail, and always end lessons early by 15 mins - answers to questions i asked were vague most of the time. - never bothered to tell me things like must check blind spots when turning/ parking until 2 lessons before tp. - after he made error judgements on road he gets angry when questioned, thought i was suaning him. ends in a verbal fight. - he is a wayang king. when we went circuit during bbdc's lunch break he did nothing, then when testers arrive he will suddenly act as if he's doing a lot of teaching. when we walked to the 2nd floor for tp he was not happy i ask him things like do i need to find him later for the car keys and replied me with 'ask so much for what?'. but when we got to the traffic police area he started to act like he's a good mentor and informed in a rather loud voice the flow during tp and best of all he ended with 'so you got anything to ask?'. - a few lessons before tp demands deposit, when questioned if it was the norm he got nasty and gave crap like 'this is how i do things, not happy no need come anymore'. just before tp then say deposit not used for tp, 'it's how i do things'. after tp called him to return deposit, he hung up and been avoiding my calls ever since.

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