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Poor instructor

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Extremely hard to communicate with him and kinda no manner. Keep waiting for his reply and drag my time. No clear instruction given. Save your money and look for someone else

Excellent for independent drivers

5 5 1
Hello reader! Here's my review of Neo Eng Soon, and hopefully from this post, you can understand abit more about the negative comments from other reviewers. He gives a lot of freedom to his students to drive on their own, only stepping in if necessary. Rather than him structuring the lesson, you should tell him what you think requires more practice and he will observe and guide you on those portions. He also conducts several circuit-based training around the housing estate if he is unable to book a slot for his students in the BBDC circuit. If you are a fairly independent driver that picks things up quickly and are confident, you can quickly book your own TP and obtain your driver's license under him. (I spent slightly less than $1k in total from BTT -> TP) However, if you require close guidance and structured training, he will not be a suitable instructor for you. He also gives priority to students who are closing onto their driving test or require more guidance, so you may find that it difficult to get a regular slot with him if you do not belong to either category. I personally had 2-3 lessons every month, and only in the week leading up to the driving test on a Friday, I had the "priority queue" for lessons. Finally, just a heads-up: due to some health issues, he will usually have to use the washroom for a short while during the class, and he may also pause for a while to take his medication, some sweets and food.


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Very unprofessional PDI,3 main reasons: 1) Totally no instructions, let you drive hands free, if you are fresh in driving, DON'T pick him. You will waste your own time and money; 2) Keep disturbing you while you driving, and unable to provide meaningful answer for most of your questions; 3) Bad memory, always forget what happened before, sometimes even forget your book time & date. For whom values your time and money, DO avoid him!!!

Great Instructor

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Mr Neo is goal-oriented of his students to pass. He is a patient instructor. He always makes sure that he teach the lessons well. He is very flexible and sometimes give discounts :). Very comfortable to work/ study with. I am very at ease. Great instructor!


4 5 1
Friendly guy, is quite a nice instructor so far for 30 lessons even though i have not taken my TP. He points out mistakes and guides me well. will sometimes go toilet but i guess its kind of normal for a guy of his age? if you are not extremely picky i guess he is good enough. Seeing so many negative reviews about him just makes me want to write something to say how he really is, at least to me.

Car problem

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his car brakes are not sensitive and he lieks to drags lesson . Doing the same thing for almost 10 lessons

Full of excuses. Not serious. Drags lessons.

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Pros: 1) Flexible timing, will tell you of next lesson the day before or few hours before 2) Able to commit weekday nights Cons: 1) Instructions not clear at all. Always mumbling and joking instead of teaching. Ask him about some traffic questions then will ask me back the question like "what do you think?" 2) Drags lesson: lesson 1 to 10 doing same thing throughout and dont allow to go into circuit nor book tp date 3) Doesnt meet to students needs: student wants to complete fast and start to learn circuit but keep saying circuit slots filled up always, unable to book etc excuses even though he himself admit outside road ok to him already. This happened 5 times before i switched to other instructors.


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Here are some of the bad things: starts late and ends early. Takes toilet breaks. Talks on the phone. Pumps petrol during lessons. Buy groceries when paying for petrol. Drops me at a place inconvenient for me just so it is convenient for his next activity. Got me to drive around a HDB block for 15 mins so he can pass sth to his friend. Also tries to make me go for many lessons so he can earn more.

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