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This guy is wad you would describe, yaya. He was telling me all e rules, must make advance payment 2 book for 4 next slot, if need to cancel, must give him 24hrs notice, cannot be late, if sick must produce mc, otherwise he will charge me for his time. Instead, he blew me off 2 times.both times he never showed up and i waited there. when i called the 1st time after waiting for him, he gave me stupid excuse that he had a tummy upset and never apologised for causing me inconvenience (i took off that day) then the next one, the reason was he didn't remember that i changed number n didn't know lesson was on that day, practically blamedme. And because he caused me so many inconveniences, i changed my slot (1st time), he got so mad that he messaged me suggesting that i change instructor. I have had 7 lessons with him, I've alrdy booked my test date and this is my 1st time, already i have phobia of such irresponsible instructor


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Avoid. He ask you to read book instead of teaching you anything much/substantial. When you make mistake, good luck, he'll scold the hell out of you. Pay money to get stressed, lose confidence and don't enjoy the lessons.

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