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Very good instructor here!!

5 5 1
Highly recommended for Auto learners! Uncle Luo is patient and gives valuable tips. He emphasises a lot on safety which is very true for driving test and driving after you’ve passed. He’s funny too! He has many students, so you got to book him early for your first lesson. Thanks to Uncle Luo’s advices and tips,I pass at my first try!


5 5 1
If you speak Chinese and want to pass, go for Mr Luo. He is patient (most of the time) and has a great teaching attitude. I know of 2 other people who learnt under him and pass on our first try.

Ok but ...........

2 5 1
Mostly decent but can have some irritating habits at times


5 5 1
I chose Mr Luo as my instructor after reading his reviews online. Today i passed my practical test thanks to the tips that he have taught me over the past 4 months. I told him that I only have around 4 months to get my license because my PDL is expiring 9th Nov (which is today, the day of my exam), so if i were to fail the practical i will need to retake my final theory which is not ideal to me. 1) Mr Luo is very patient and humorous at times, although he always says that female students are more lousy as compared to guys, he will always take time to explain to me what should i improve on and his motto is always safety first, i also mention to him that even if i fail today i will write positive comment for him cause i will know it is my fault. He really covered everything that i need to know for the practical test. 2) Mr Luo is very experienced (taught for 40plus years)and he knows what the tester is thinking and what they look out for at every junction or turns. I can say that today i pass the practical exam is not because of my mediocre skill (because i actually strike kerb during my first course in the circuit) but is due to when i drive outside the circuit. Beforehand Mr Luo will tell you which are the U-turns or favorite routes Tester like to go and tips like be slow rather than fast. Everything safety first. Once the tester knows that you are a safe driver there are more chances you will pass, so i drive VERY safely checking for blind spots on my VERY alert face (because i know that i did badly in my circuit and my only way to impress is when i drive outside). And with that, less and 15mins later the Tester ask me to drive back to school for review. Also he is spot on when he told me some tester only test certain course in the circuit if there's a jam or he/she feels like you are pro enough to complete the course. Today due to heavy rain and heavy traffic i think i only did 4 out of the 7 course. And Mr Luo advice is that if it happens dont kaypo go ask why never do this course never do that course. Just follow what the tester says and exit the circuit. Whatever tester says you just Ok Ok Ok. Dont ever question them. And ALWAYS be polite to them. He will also tell you some tester dont put on seatbelt, but dont straight away tell them to put on, can jokingly ask them to lift their butt up when the beeping sounds start. So in a way he also teaches you how to get out of an awkward situation smartly. 3) Mr Luo car is considered well maintained as compared to others i've seen on the road. 4) Always on time (maybe at most late for 5 mins), never play handphone or ipad or read newspaper. 5) Some private instructor will get Assistant to teach you lessons under their name. However Mr Luo has been there since day one, so in the process of learning, all the basics skills and tips he will teach and guide you along the way, till your exam date. I have many other good points to say about him but it will be very lengthy to my already long comment. The only 'bad' thing is that for new students who are interested in getting him to teach is that he will be retiring soon(due to his age) and at times he will go on Genting Trips to escape from students(as per his words, hahaha). He have many students, so if you want to book a lesson you have to book weeks before the actual day to secure the date. However, once lesson is booked it wont be cancelled. Also, for the rates i think he is on the high-side, but whats that compared to passing on the first try! Oh! sometimes he will get angry at you but it will be due to stupid mistake like i step on accelerate when i should step on brake. So i guess thats about it! Good Luck guys!

Highly recommended

5 5 1
Calm and polite instructor who shows up on time and have never encounter any "pee breaks" or whatsoever. He is slightly expensive compared to the earlier (asshole) instructor I was with but heck the whole point is to pass the test so it's all worth it. I personally had a procedural problem in conversion so was not a first time learner. However, to ace the test, you need "test" specific training and Mr. Luo covers it very well. Even for first time learners, I highly recommend Mr. Luo. Teaches you safe driving and won't shout or be rude if you commit same mistakes. I told him I will write a review for him regardless I pass or fail. Lol. After his lessons, I was confident I will pass and also knew that if I failed, no one to blame but myself. If he suggests extra classes, just follow and you should be alright.

good instructor

5 5 1
Juz finished 3 day regresher with him.

Excellent Instructor

5 5 1
Mr Luo teaches not just to pass but to ensure responsible and considerate conduct on the roads. Yes he speaks mostly in Chinese and uses humour (not scolding or harsh words) to drive home (pun not intended) a point. I passed on first attempt and kudos to him!

My thoughts

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Mr Luo is a rather gentle and humble but can be a quite an amusing person . His car for learning is rather presentable and clean and I agreed with the reviewer above that he is responsible and emphasis on safety as the first priority . His passing rate of his students indicated online is quite commendable over the years . However I personally feel that he's not the very systematic person who will explain to you step by step or go by the module handbook , therefore if you have questions you need to initiate to ask. On the good side, he's on time , responsible and has a good temperamental and a non smoker who is always alert by your side to guide u . On the down side , he's unable to accommodate your off peak timing that frequently especially he don't teach until very late and sometimes would go for short getaways. Overall , he's a generally ok instructor .

Judge for yourself

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Mr Luo speaks mostly 90% chinese . But with his ever record holding passing rate of his students all these years , nothing much to elaborate further, just need to go online to see his record n judge yourself . However the good thing abt him is he don't smoke , don't play phone or iPad or take long peeing breaks . But the downside is Pls call him for any changes or whatever , he seldom use his phone to text n he seldom reply msgs and he has a lot a lot of students to fit in a slot for U ESP off peak hours, so don't put too high hopes . Overall , he's a rather gentle and responsible instructor and will only be unhappy if you make repeated mistakes . He's not the kinda who screams n yell Which is very important for me .

Highly Recommend

5 5 1
Mr Luo is very caring, attentive and he knows his stuff well, would highly recommend him as he is a very good driving instructor.


3 5 1
He got a little problem.

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